The Greatest Idea For A Kickstarter, Ever: PAX Prime 2012 part 3

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

In case you missed parts one and two. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the EMP?

Seattle Day 6 (continued)

The bulk of the museum is dedicated to music, but there’s a section that’s all about science fiction and pop culture, which was easily the coolest part?

Here’s a look at the permanent collection?

In recent months, I’ve gotten hardcore in Star Trek, so I geeked out pretty hardcore when coming across Captain Kirk’s chair, adorned with tribbles?

You also had various uniforms from both The Original Series and Next Generation?

Along with Superman’s outfit from the original movie, plus his space capsule (which reminded me of Zac‘s brilliant idea from the night before)?

Unfortunately, and according to Colleen, everything I saw were not the original items from various movies and television shows, but just recreations. Which I refuse to believe!

I really dug how they displayed significant works of literature. Though I’m kicking myself for not taking one of Dune, which is just the 1st edition volume, covered in sand. But the rest are just as neat?

They also had an interactive kiosk, that explained various terminology and the such with assorted video clips?

In the case of robots and cyborgs, it was footage from Mega Man 2

The gift shop had some interesting things, like this replica of the original R2-D2 toy from Kenner, from back in the day. Except really huge (and which I really want)?

There was also two special exhibits going on. One was dedicated to James Cameron’s Avatar, which I didn’t bother with, since that film is pure shit, and horror movies as a whole?

Various directors where highlighted, like John Landis, mostly due to his work on An American Werewolf In Paris?

And Roger Corman, for pretty much everything he ever did?

I absolutely loved how the displays were in the fashion of plastic models in their pre-assembled form?

There were all kinds of neat flourishes, like this spider made out of Hannibal Lecter masks?

Various props from assorted classics could be found here, including the original Alien?

And Critters?

Check out the model that would be the basis of the fully metamorphosized Jeff Goldblum from The Fly, along with a mold of what he looked like near the home stretch?

But you know what got me the most hot and bothered? The Sentinel Sphere from Phantasm. No joke; I must have taken at least 60 shots of this, in hopes of capturing the perfect angle and the like?

Eventually it was time to catch the bus back to Lakewood. But I did have time to stop by this fancy donut place, which had been around for ages, as evidenced by the ancient TV set that had been rigged to show old photos of the establishment (the donuts, btw, were delicious)?

Was in Lakewood for just a few more days. Mostly had to regroup myself, and get ready for what was waiting for me back in NYC. Though I did help run some errands for my father, like help him with grocery shopping. Here’s what such a place looks like on a military base, where pretty much everything is anthropomorphized and militarized?

Also took a picture of something that is essentially my dad’s pride and joy, and which I’ve been staring at since I’ve been five. Come to think of it, perhaps it explains a lot about how I turned out. Anyhow, because it’s NSFW, I’ll simply hide it behind this link. Enjoy this most intimate look at my family life.

The plane ride back was an absolute nightmare, easily the worst traveling experience ever, but you folks are probably bored stiff already. So instead, here’s a shot of some clouds while high above in the sky, aka the only good that came from the entire ordeal?

Back In New York City (For The Best Time Of The Year)

Much was waiting for me, upon my return. I basically brushed a ton of stuff aside, due to the trip and the art show, which now had to be taken care off, and all at once. At least my extended stay meant that I missed the worst part of NYC, the latter part of the summer, in which everything is at its grossest.

Thankfully I got much of what needed to get done in time for 9/9, which is a day for celebration! That’s when the holy trifecta celebrates their birthdays: Joe, Hilary, and the Sega Dreamcast?

I’ll save Joe the embarrassment that was his birthday shindig, at this 80s themed dance club (hence the glow in the dark Donkey Kong). Let’s just say, if you see a gaggle of butch lesbians on the dance floor, be careful not to bumps into them by accident.

Two days later was the anniversary of you know what. Which seemed like a great reason to stop by Chinatown and check the brand new Chinatown Fair. Which I chronicled for Attract Mode?

Also grabbed dinner down there. My favorite eating establishment, the Coluck Diner, had closed down during the summer for renovations. Well, I was pleased as punch to see that it was back in business! Their kimchee fried rice cannot be beat?

Later that week, I was back on the Fangamer Podcast, not going over the news as usual, but as a guest, to discuss VERSUS. BTW, there are some who believe that my segment frankly sucks, and they are 100% correct. It does, or should I say did; the podcast is going through a massive format change, which I am thankful off.

I won’t be on every week (I honestly don’t have the time these days), but when I’m on, I’ll be doing what I do best: sharing stupid stories that tangentially related to gaming.

Oh, I also saw and reviewed Resident Evil: Retribution for Kotaku. Long story short: it’s by far the most video game-y of all the live-action RE flicks.

The following weekend was SPX, which I really wanted to check out, but just didn’t have the time, energy, or finances for such a trip. At least I was reminded of the reading material that I had picked up in Portland. Behold Joshua Chapman’s Field Guide To The Aliens Of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

The first issue was entirely done by hand, for a class project I believe, when Chapman was in the 7th grade?

But even at such a young age, his observations were quite astute and on the money?

Volume 2 would have slightly better production values, as everything was laid out via computer?

But the same razor sharp wit was still present (including a total lack of tolerance for Wesley Crusher)?

Chapman is also a huge fan of anything relating to the Borg?

Volume 3 features alien butts?

While volume 4 also puts the author’s intense dislike for Counselor Troi front and center?

The introduction to volume 5 is pretty much the best thing ever?

As for this past weekend, decided to enjoy the best part of summer in the Big Apple, on the first day of fall. By taking a trip to Coney Island with Colleen (which I hadn’t been to nearly enough this year)?

Here’s me, taking a picture of Colleen taking a picture (of seagulls, acting all weird)?

The whole point of the visit was to soak in Sea Otter Appreciation Day at the aquarium. Unfortunately, none were in sight. But that just meant another excuse to hang out at the jellyfish exhibit. Cuz Metroids, they don’t disappoint?

Here’s Colleen, enjoying herself as she produces a memento of the day, in the form of a flattened penny (that I somehow forgot to take a picture of)?

And finally, the sun setting on Coney Island?

And So I’m Actually Only 6 Years Old

Now, I keep saying I’m going to do it, and I’m well overdue for a good old fashioned game related link dump. Which I was going to do while I was in Washington, but simply didn’t have the time. But soon! In the meanwhile, here’s perhaps the best cosplay from this year’s Tokyo Game Show (which you might have seen already, over at Kotaku or Desturctoid)?

I also know I’m way over due with batshit insane stuff from the internet in general. All in due time?

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