A Mother Completely Neglecting Her Child To Play TurboGrafx Splatterhouse: PAX East 2012

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

So? once again? PAX East 2012?

Guess it’s finally time to file a report, though I’m not sure what else to say. I’ve spoken about last weekend already, a lot actually. First, a recap of all my MSNBC coverage?

- For those who missed it before, meet the AbleGamers, a group that helps the handicapped enjoy video games like everyone else.

- I’ve spoken about the fine work that the American Classic Arcade Museum numerous times, but once again, they were a huge hit at PAX for the third year straight.

- If you’re interested in using Kickstarter to fund your game, then these folks who have used it already, and to great success, but be worth listening to.

- As also mentioned a few times already, got to meet Suda 51! And here’s my interview with the man.

- Also got the chance to chat with Jake Kazdal (my second time interviewing the dude) and Nathan Vella about what it means to be an indie game developer.

- And I even got the chance to speak with one of the men responsible for my choice of game of the year 2012!

Meanwhile, Guyism is where you’ll find some of the best in cosplay that I came across at the show, at least when Emi was by my side.

And finally, the Fangamer podcast is where I passed along all the in-between, behind the scenes stuff.

So, what else is there? Well, I still have photos of my own to share? so consider the following a super abridged, stuff I think I forgot to mention up till this point, report. Starting with Sub Zero pointing the way to hot dogs?

I’m pretty sure I mentioned how awesome the Assassin’s Creed 3 demo was. It’s also funny how much of an AC fan boy I’ve become, almost overnight; for me. the corner was turned once I learned about the goofy as hell Matrix meets Dan Brown premise that drives everything, but even above all that, I’m a total sucker for stuff that takes place during the early days of America.

Anyhow, here’s the shirt they were giving away to those who pre-ordered the game at the show, which I now regret not doing?

Not far down was an even bigger Ubi Soft display, for Far Cry 3, where they were giving away haircuts for those who wanted a free copy of that game?

Elsewhere was a section dedicated to gorgeous examples of concept art from assorted titles. This one is perhaps my favorite of the bunch, from Portal 2?

At the Capcom booth was one of the Touhou Project-esque shumps that they had just begun distributing in America. I asked like 20 different reps for even the most basic of info, like its name. Not a single one had an answer. lol?

At the Sega booth, got the chance to check out both Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (so, SO good) and Jet Set Radio (which, along with the Xbox 360 versions of Rez and Ikaruga, is completely making the need for a VGA box moot)?

? BTW, some good news: remember when it was reported that only 50% of the Japanese soundtrack had been carried over to the upcoming XBLA/PSN re-release? Well, that number is now up to 75%

Slowly but surely, Sega is securing the rights to the original songs! Unfortunately, some will never make it over, specifically the best songs, by Deavid Soul. Why? Because his record label went under, so there’s no one to negotiate rights from!

The dude running the Sega booth was wearing the awesomest hoodie ever?

At the Microsoft booth they had a bunch of Kinect titles, including Crimson Dragoon, the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon series. And it was GOOD. I’m actually going to interview its creator for MSNBC very soon!

The folks at Gamechurch were at PAX once again. Spoke to Mikee Bridges, its founder and director (had hoped to do cover them for an outlet, but that plan fell through unfortunately). Really nice guy and I dig what they’re doing, plus how they’re doing it. Plus, the caramel popcorn they were giving out was super delicious?

There were awesome games all over the place, but the real action could be in the indie section. And alongside the previously noted Super Time Force and Dyad was the equally excellent Runner2. The new Yellow Submarine/Monty Python-like aesthetic is the greatest thing ever?

Another favorite of mine was from the aforementioned Kickstarter Arcade; here’s my favorite shot from Against The Wall?

While filing a report for MSNBC, Charlie, one of my cohorts from the Fangamer crew (he’s responsible for all the Audio Candy segments of the podcast, btw) passed by, but wearing some rather interesting garb?

Turns out, when he’s not helping out at the booth, he roams the hallways as one of PAX’s designated Pokemon gym leaders. Here’s his badge to prove it?

Basically, he walks around, looking for folks who wish to challenge him and win a special Pokemon gym badge. Apparently, each day he engaged in something like 50 different matches! Most were kids, whom he admitted to being a little soft on. It’s mostly designed to boost kids spirits (and states).

One of my favorite spots of the entire convention was the classic console gaming room. They had literally every single old school system you could think of: an Atari 2600, IntelliVision, ColecoVision, Commodore 64 (RIP Jack), even a Vectrex!

PAX East 2012 was also my first chance ever to try out a MSX! And? I can’t believe anyone was able to play anything with the piss poor excuse of a controller the thing has?

Oh, and I finally got the chance to check out the NES-like controller that shipped with the Atari 7800 after I had purchased mine, and was so jealous over. Turns out, those feelings were totally unwarranted; it’s ass?

You also had hardware from later generations, like the Neo Geo and 3DO. Against one side of the wall was almost nothing but Sega gear. Had much fun watching people try to play Knuckles Chaotix?

This dude was playing Sonic R for the Saturn like a boss?

Though my favorite had to be this mom playing Splatterhouse for the TurboGrafx-16, while her bored as hell son just sat next to her, waiting for the game to end. Which was a while since she was good!

There was a separate section dedicated to the super rare stuff?

Along with all kinds of other collectables and curiosities?

But without a doubt, the greatest thing ever, and one of the true highlights of the entire weekend, was this?

For those unfamiliar, it’s dogfight sim that involved lots of crashing into the side of buildings. Was supposed to come out sometime during the tail end of September 2001, but never did for obvious reasons. Anyhow, I knew the game had been cancelled at the last minute, but had no idea that copies had been manufactured!

So the show was crowded. REALLY crowded, about 60,000 strong when all was said and done. Here’s a shot of all the people waiting to hit the expo floor, right before day two officially got underway?

And here’s someone dressed up as the Prince from Katamari, entertaining said assemblage of nerds?

Guess now’s a good time to pass the cosplayer that I stumbled across, when Emi wasn’t available. First, check out this cute pair from Chrono Trigger!

I’m always a sucker for Rival Schools cosplay, especially when someone is Hideo Shimazu!

It’s one of the better, slapped together Mega Man outfits I’ve ever seen?

And while Mega Woman is pretty cute, it’s Proto Woman’s glasses that I’m most ga-ga for!

A pair from Devil May Cry. Note the zombie from Plants Vs Zombies in the background, whose aim was to photo bomb as many pictures as possible that week. Christ they were annoying. Doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of Pop Cap?

A girl doing a very convincing job of portraying Catherine?

Hey, a Skullgirl!

This guy was actually part of a trio of dude, each rocking the Pickachu/Tron look. Guess I caught him when he was flying solo and out of juice. Normally his whole get up is light up, but it’s still cool nonetheless?

Always happy to see doing No More Heroes!

I took this picture of Glados, with a piece of fake cake, just a few seconds after some dude had cracked himself up with a “THE CAKE, IT’S A LIE! I GET IT!!!” observation. It’s times like this that I admire the punishment that cosplayers put themselves through?

This pair from Darkstalkers were quite popular, and not just because their cleavage was quite exposed to the elements (though that certainly helped)?

Your obligator Minecraft cosplayers?

All things considered, I was shocked by the relatively lack of Mass Effect cosplayers. Guess the ending to part 3 really did a number on the fans after-all. Yet I still found two?

And finally, my favorite pic from the entire weekend. It’s me with Kevin Chai, aka one of our favorite listeners on the Fangamer podcast, aka that who dude who TOTALLY nailed Wailugi in the Guyism cosplay round-up, aka someone else who decided to maximize his cosplay attire by attending both PAX and Anime Boston on the same day?

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