i am 8-bit: Opening Night

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

WARNING: MASSIVE amount of pics, sorry 56k.

So here are pics from the i am 8-bit video game art show opening, courtesy of somakitty. Regarding the event:
“… hands down, this was the best show of 2005 (so far).”

Man, I’ve never wanted to be in LA so bad like right now. And I honestly believe that one does not have to be a video game aficionado to appreciate some of these pieces…

David Crane

Gary Baseman

(perhaps my fave, but that’s cuz I’m such a fan of Baseman)

Matt Clark

Bod Dob

Blaine Fontana

Joe Ledbetter

Kii Arens



Michael Slack

Peter Gronquist

Carlos Ramos

Thomas Han

Charles Glaubitz

Luke Cheuh

Nathan Stapley

Scott Shaw

Mike Davis

Nathan Cartwright

Tim Tomkinson

Erik Wayne Patterson

John Pham

Gerg Craola Simkins

Daniel Peacock

Isaac Pierro

Jason Sho Green

(I wonder what’s written on Mario’s hand?)

Miles Thompson

Gabe Swarr

Sket One

Jim Knoblauch

Anna Chambers

Choncey Langford

Dennis Larkin

Lynne Naylor

Gary Taxali

Haze, who drew and painted for the audience

Trent Watanabe

some life sized sculptures

and that gigantic NES controller from G4 proved to be a big hit of the crowd by all accounts

EDIT: Wow, even IGN reviewed the show. Weird…

EDIT #2: (5/27/05) Somakitty stopped by the final night of the show where there was some new work on display. You can find them here.

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