The Greatest Idea For A Kickstarter, Ever: PAX Prime 2012 part 2

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

In case you missed part one, here ya go. And now, onto?

VERSUS Opening Night

This was it; show time. For those who still aren’t up to speed, my full rundown can be found over at Attract Mode. But right here, right now are a few extra pics from the happening, along with alternate takes of stuff already posted?

And once more, because I simply love this pic of myself and Jon?

As well as Asif‘s Instagram shot of one of our specially engineered drinks?

Said it before, but I’ll say it again: a heartfelt thanks to everyone for lending their support and making the show a unquestionable smash success. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year! Yes, there will be another Fangamer X Attract Mode show. Though preliminary planning is still some time away.

PAX Prime 2012 Day 3

With VERSUS finally done and over with, was finally afforded the chance to just chill. It was Sunday, last day of the Expo, at least for this year. Prime 2013 will be 4 days long; the new fourth day will be the following Monday, Labor Day. As Gerritt noted: “It’s great for the audience, but sucks for us.”

Decided to stop by the Nintendo booth for the second time, to give Project P-100 (now officially titled The Wonderful 101) a whirl. Unfortunately, didn’t get the chance, but I did watch Zac put the game through its paces?

? Looked certainly cool on my end, and Zac dug it a lot as well. Though he did note that it was weird trying to keep his eyes on the big screen ahead, and on the smaller screen below, at the same time. Sounds a lot like playing a DS game for the first time; there will definitely be an adjustment period before it becomes no big thang.

A favorite stop of mine, at any PAX, is the classic console gaming room. It’s always filled with older folk, replaying games of yesteryear, and exclaiming to their children “You kids today, don’t realize how luck you have it, in the graphics department”?

There’s also the classic arcade room, which isn’t quite as extensive as the one you’ll find at PAX East (thanks to the American Classic Arcade Museum). But there’s still plenty of curiosities to be found?

Along with pinball?

Zac and I took turns playing this game in which you’re a zoo keeper, trying to prevent animals from escaping. There’s a part in which you try your best to avoid the coconuts that some crazy-ass monkey keeps throwing at you! Wish I could remember its name?

One thing that keep getting bigger and bigger each year is e-sports. When picking up some League of Legends chotsky for Zac’s friend back home, we stumbled upon an important (and heated) match in progress. The crowd was going absolutely nuts, and neither of us knew what the hell was going on?

Behold Capcom’s $300 Street Fighter chess set that was available for purchase?

And Konami’s Gradius pin that was not for sale (bummer)?

Hey, would you be interested in a custom Xbox 360, featuring a beat and bloodies up Lara Croft on the side? Of course you are?

My second Japadog of the weekend; the Kabuki?

The Spy Party booth made me realize that I’ve been sitting on a beta copy for literally months now, and not once have I fired the sucker up?

Not a fan of the forthcoming art style either, sorry?

Also made a return trip to the Indie Megabooth. Like always, the stuff you’ll find there easily outclasses all the nonsense that the big boys are peddling. Now, I’ll forgo the long list of stuff I’ve either already talked about, or you’ve heard of already. Except for Quadrilateral Cowboy, which was totally new to me?

? I’m willing to wager that it’s new to most out there as well. Basically, it’s a first person title, but instead of shooting, you’re hacking. Seems really complicated, and you really are inputing lines of code, but I also found it super fascinating.

While floating around, I came across a woman who had created a bass out of a Commodore 64. Whereas some chiptuners plug their guitars into Game Boys, this goes even further, and sounds even better?

You’ll never know who you’re run into at PAX. Like the controversial Tentacle Bento?

DigiPen, one of the top video game schools in the country, had an arcade of their own set-up. Each of the machines contained some of their best student games from the just graduated year?

Another title that caught my eye was Yatagarasu, a PC doujin fighter that?s being localized, but for the 3DS. What got my attention is how, not only do you choose animu combatants, but actual Japanese people too?

? At first I thought you were actually choosing dudes controlling the characters. Imagine SF4, but instead of playing as Sakura, you’re playing as Daigo playing as Sakura! Unfortunately, in the end, its just pro-players from Japan, who commentary you can select. I have to wonder if that’ll make the cut during localization.

Yatagarasu was found at the Nicalis booth, where I also ran into Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, who was simply there, just kicking back. I normally never ask to have my picture taken with someone whom I’m a super fanboy of, but come on, IT’S THE GUY WHO CREATED CAVE STORY!!!

And I guess that’s it? Again, sorry for the lack of pics from the show (it certainly feels as if I barely took any pictures, though that last one is my 76th for this blog post, and counting).

After saying goodbye to the Fangamer crew, I met up with Gerritt and Zac for some post-PAX drinks downtown. We then hooked with Jon, plus Asif and Paul (remember: they’re no longer just the 2 Player Productions guys but fellow Attract Mode members), along with the gang from Far From Subtle for dinner and even more booze.

Eventually we ended up at some swanky hotel rooftop party. Here I am bitching about Dark Knight Rises I believe?

It was here that Zac came up with the most brilliant idea ever for a Kickstarter. Basically, it’s to raise money for a capsule, to put a baby in, who would be shot into space and sent across the universe. To presumably end up on some alien planet and be its hero. Or simply die. You never know till we try, right? I’d definitely toss at least $25 towards such a thing.

Much drunken fun was had that evening, just sucks that Adam couldn?t be around, but at least he was enjoying himself back in LA at that exact moment?

Seattle Day 6

It was finally time to say good-bye to the rest of the gang, Asif, Paul, Zac, and Gerritt, with whom I shared many adventures with during this particular stay in the Pacific Northwest. And it was also time for me to head back down to Lakewood, but first, I still had to do a little sightseeing?

Decided to finally check out the EMP Museum, which is dedicated to music, though most of the focus was on rock and roll?

Naturally, there was a section dedicated to the local grunge scene. BTW, I have no qualms admitting that I still listen to the sounds of my youth. Yes, Nirvana is basically a rip of The Pixies, blah, blah, blah, like I haven’t heard that a billion times already?

You also had a number of other neat exhibitions, like one dedicated to the art of rock photography?

There was even a section in which one could try to learn the fundamentals of playing rock instruments, which was brilliantly executed. You also had the obligatory history or rock and roll, which in my book was a massive fail, due to the total omission of any mention of the Beach Boys.

Sorry, but without Pet Sounds a lot of what we have today would simply not exist. Anyhow, there was also this ginormous screen that played assorted music videos. Like the Michel Gondry’s Star Guitar vid, which never fails to blow me away?

? Also caught Michael Jackson’s Thriller a few other fan favorites, but otherwise, it was mostly highlights from some 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind. In the form of the absolute worst tribute acts imaginable. But at the very least, the screen visuals all by itself was might impressive?

? K, get ready for part three. Tomorrow!

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