And The Winners Are…

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Last night’s birthday bash was a roaring success and an awesome good time! The thing is, I kinda know people all over the place, based upon assorted disciplines and subject matter (there’s my gamer dork pals, my indie comics peeps, and so on), so once a year I like to bring together my best buds from each circle and watch everyone interact and stuff. Pics were taken, but due to my not so hot camera and the almost total lack of light where we were, nothing came out so hot (perhaps after a bit of Photoshopping might salvage some, a few might be suitable for Flickr at a later time). But yeah, a fun time was had by all, I hope, and most especially myself! I even got some super cool presents, like a copy of JCVD from Mike, an old Test shirt from Mooney (RIP Andrew Martin), and a pevy Japanese figurine of a nurse taking a piss from Hilary (I am truly bless to have friends who know what I like).

BTW, thanks for the birthday well wishes from everyone who couldn’t make it, or simply from all you nice people out there that only know me via this site! It’s all supremely appreciated.

Okay, enough of all that (I’ll save the story of me getting into a shouting match with this guido that stole me and Katie?s cab at the end of the evening for another time), everyone?s here to find out who the winner(s) are of the Persona Fan Art Contest. So drumroll please….

The Grand Prize (aka The Semi-Enchance & Modified Persona 4 Social Link Expansion Pack) Goes To:

A piece entitled “A Bunch of Dudes I Guess” by the artist known as poop-mouth, aka Mia Schwartz!

… Why do I love this piece so much? For starters, it’s the only submission that features faces from both Persona 3 and 4. Plus the style is simply phenomenal, especially the coloring, along with all the subtle little Persona references strewn about. Great job! The full size version can be found here. Next…

The Alternate Grand Prize (aka a copy of Persona 4 Official Design Works) Goes To:

This super fab illustration of Teddy by Adam Gouveia!

… There’s so much to gush about, but that expression of Teddy’s is simply priceless. Again, awesome work! The full sized image can be found here.

But that’s not all. The following is some of the other totally superb pieces that came my way. Speaking of, I want to extend a hearty and sincere thank you for everyone that participated! All of it has totally made my day, and then some. And some of these fine artists will also receive runner-up prizes. Alright, enough talk, back to the pretty pictures…

Here we have our very own Hilary Florido with a little something called “Persona 4 Eyes”!

… Despite not being all that familiar with the game, Hilary has a thing for glasses, so I know she’s be more than up to the task for depicting P4′s characters. Since I’ve been plugging her DeviantART and Blogspot for some time, how about I pass along her ultra rad Tegaki for once? Anyway, here’s another one from another good pal of mine, Dave Mauro!

…Simple, yet quite eloquent. The actual sized version can be found here. Oh, Dave also submitted a second one, but it’s kinda NSFW. Next we have “The Midnight Band” by Pixel Ninja!

… I just dig the concept in general. It’s somewhat obvious, yet no one else has thought of it. Which is why it’s so effective! I especially like Chie on drums. You can see it in its original size and ratio here. Moving on, check out Michael Klinger’s take on the lovely ladies of P4!

… As a fan of classic, American animation as well, I approve! The preshrunk version of this beauty can be found here. Up next is a sculpture of Yukiko’s Shadow by Kenneth Escamilla!

… That last “making of” pic was included simply because I just got a quiet kick out of the randomly placed Wavebird controller. Well, what’s next? Why, another entry by another fellow I know (and you probably know him as well), the dude that calls himself Persona!

… Again, it’s all about the expression, though for me, it’s ALL about Jack Frost. Original sized version is here. Okay, now we have “Welcome Back” by Bure Mathews!

… I fee bad for shrinking it down so much, due to this site’s size set-up. Everyone must check it out in it’s full-size glory to appreciate all the little touches. But again, I just really dig the scene, since it’s what everyone who finishes the game secretly imagines and hopes for. Alright, time for an illustration by someone who calls his or herself Nemi

… Again, so simple yet so effective. And finally, we have a piece by Andy Frederick…

… I really like this one, for a variety of reasons, like the look on everyone’s face, as well as the very Brandon Bird-esque vibe throughout. A better looks is available here.

Once more, thanks for everyone who took part! And if you have a website that I didn’t plug, it’s because I don’t know the address, so pass the URL along and I’ll be sure to update the post.

So who knows… maybe we?ll do this again sometime later down the road?

  • http://poop-mouth.deviantart.butts mia / p-mo

    man, what the hell. i dont even know how i won, these are all so cool. i want yukiko’s shadow for my house.

  • http://www.dmauro.com dmauro

    I think you did it wrong. My NSFW piece was supposed to win.

    Psssh, you were probably biased against mine just because I had no idea what the game was about.

  • ken

    Congrats to the winners.
    And yes, I noticed the wavebird after I sent the pictures in. =O
    I used it to support her head/neck area before everything dried.

  • http://spikepit.wordpress.com adam g

    I’m honored! There was so much great stuff…

    That sculpture is way rad, and the Midnight Band is amazing too.

  • http://www.yaytime.com dave roman

    Great stuff!

  • Jason

    Holy crap these submissions are killer. Keep doing this thing Matt.

  • http://www.wadjeteyegames.com Dave Gilbert

    Hey Matt! Had a great time at the party last Saturday. And wow, that art is amazing.

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