i am 8-bit version 2.006: Opening Night (part 1)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

As promised, here’s pictures from the second i am 8-bit show which had its opening this past Tuesday. There’s so many this time around that I’ve decided to split them up, so here’s the first batch…

Aaron Jasinski

Alex Kirwan

Amanda Visell

Anand Hurkadli

Andrew Wilson

Anna Chambers



Bob Dob

Brandon Bird

Brandon Reese

Brian Singer

Cameron Tiede

Carlos Ramos

Chris Bishop

Chris Tezber

Craig Kellman

Dan Fleres


Gabe Swarr

Gary Baseman

Greg Simkins

Joe Ledbetter

Johhy Ryan

Jophen Stein

… for the rest, check out part 2.

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  • Jessie Lemus

    Hey I am surprised that theres such a well put together website thats dedicated to 8bit art nice props
    thanx 4 the heads up

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