You Can Never Have Too Many Dreamcasts

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

First off, thanks to everyone who were nice enough to pass along birthday wishes, not just here, but on LiveJournal and at Insert Credit! It was much appreciated. Especially the Hermione pics (sup TDS).

Anyway, the actual celebration itself was a fairly low key affair. For the past couple of years I’ve been organizing dinners and parties, but that normally takes places on the weekend, and this year for various reasons (primarily, everyone’s crazy schedule, including my own), I can’t seem to zero in on a date. So now its to the point that I’m getting frustrated and I kinda want to say “fuck it”, plus, I almost feel having a birthday party a month after the fact is sorta gay, but if people really want to have a BBQ…

Since I wanted to at least do something, after dinner yesterday (at this 50′s styled diner on Park Ave where they serve tater tots), MK took me to this dive bar on St. Mark’s (or all places) that’s my new favorite drinking whole. There’s no hot chick bartender but some old guy who know his drinks, there’s zero dipshit NYU kids stinking up the joint and instead old Jewish and Italian guys, and there’s a really old cat and dog that just lounge around like they own the place (since they do). Oh, and they serve hot fresh popcorn. Because I’ve been so busy to orchestrate anything, plus its the middle of the week, I only called up a few folks, so it was a modest, yet nice little get-together, which included Joe, June, John, Marion, Matt Singer, and Robin, whom I danced for because I felt bad for busting his chops so much. And aside from the (very cheap) beer I even had some left over cake from the party my coworkers threw for me earlier in the day.

But what birthday is complete without presents? From MK I got a really nifty shirt she picked up at APE (small press shows are always the best places to get clothing), a cute designer toy, and some DS related goods, including a copy of Nintendogs (MK has also taken a real liking to the system… last week she was up till 4 in the morning playing Lost in Blue, and all Saturday night she played Phoenix Wright while I vegged out to a What’s Happening marathon on TV Land). And Robin gave me a Dreamcast that he found lying in the middle of the street I believe. So now I have three DCs… and considering how fragile the system can be (as it would turn out, played burned games really kills the lifespan of the drive), its always good to have an extra or two lying around (thankfully, the one I got at launch is still kicking, plus the other two are also first get, meaning no problems playing aforementioned copies titles). I still have Radilgy and Under Defeat on the way (everyone’s been telling me how much I’ll be blown away), but till then I’ll just be playing Odama which I picked up earlier this weekend.

Oh, and since I know some people have been asking… yes, the new i am 8-bit show opened yesterday in Los Angeles, and Leah was there to take some pics, which she’ll be passing along sometime very soon (I hope). So wait for them…

Until then, here’s a cute pic that I came across at Insert Credit that made me laugh:

EDIT: I think I just figured out what to spend my birthday cash on…

  • J

    oh i see how it is…

  • https://www.fort90.com Matt

    You mean the lack of a party? Yeah. The best part of course has always been getting all my indie comic friends, gamer friends, film fanatic friends, hardcore computer geek friends, arty-farty friends, random punk rockers, and a few dock workers together for hamburgers and hot dogs. I’d like for it to happen, but there’s just too much stuff going on…

  • Slonie

    That Megadrive axe is frickin wicked!

  • J

    i was talking about the collies. you laugh at them now, but one day they’ll dress YOU up in stupid costumes and post it on the internet.

    their day will come. oh yes…. their day will come.

  • https://www.fort90.com Matt

    That Krispy Kreme dog needs to be President.

  • https://www.fort90.com Matt

    Katie made this…

  • http://www.gamersquarter.com Seryogin

    Grassroots is a fine place to drink. It’s the best context for hearing Mike “dhex” O’Connor bitch about the New Yorker and his wacky conspiracy theories, while watching him down his Bailey’s. The dog and cat are boss.

    We’ve met before Fort90 at the IC meet a few months ago. I was the Russian dude.

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