By The Way…

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

- I forgot to pass this along yesterday: my Retro Redux report is finally available on Gamasutra. Even though this is my first published piece for them, its the cover feature. Sweet!

You can check out the article here (you’ll need to register, but its free, and the site’s totally worth it).

- Remember yesterday’s news about Super Gunstar Heroes coming to the GBA courtesy of Play? Well here are the first screenshots from Play’s website:

Well the game looks totally hot, so I’m super amped. Is it just me, or does the first pic have a slight Alien Soldier vibe from the character’s shooting stance?

- Also mentioned yesterday was the opening of the i am 8-bit art show. I’m still waiting for pics, this time from “somakitty”, a friend from YayHooray who’s totally into the art show scene in LA. I’ll pass them along once I get some, so till then, here’s a few featuring the reception crowd, including everyone’s favorite, John Pham. Hopefully the next time he’s in NYC, we’ll finally get around to having that gaming party that’s been talked about.

- Some more Shadow of the Colossus screens were posted on the GAF last night, which can be viewed here. But my personal fave has to be this one:

- Also via the GAF: we all know that people are putting all sorts of stuff on their PSPs, such as their own music, movies, manga, and… porn. Well so does Hugh Hefner apparently, and thusly we now have the PlayboyStation Portable.

I love this quote:

“The shoot was tons of fun,” the buff and toned Amy Sue Cooper said after finishing her sci-fi-themed photo shoot. “Swords. Kung-fu. Leather…. Now I know what it feels like to be inside a video game.” After seeing her pictures and video on the PSP, she added, “The thought of being carried around in a guy’s pocket and having him push my buttons is really sexy.”

- Finally, this afternoon was my belated birthday cupcake celebration at work. The best part? The gigantic complete Bone collection that I got from (coworker) Steve, which he even got signed by Jeff Smith!

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