Still Looks Better Than Sonic Boom

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Sorry for being late with this week’s installment of totally random, video game-related theater. Turns out, moving to another country is a lot of work!

… BTW, I forget if I mentioned it before, may have been beating around the bush, but after close to 20 years, I’m finally saying goodbye to the Big Apple and hello to the Great White North! But more on that at a later time. Until then, let the YouTube embeds begin. Starting with…

- Here’s yet another prime example of why I love Japanese wrestling so dam much. Though a question: I want to say that Kazuchika Okada is dressed like a Monster Hunter, though sharing the spotlight is what appears to be “just” a regular, plain ol dinosaur. So are there basic dinos in the game as well?

- Earlier this weekend was IndieCade East, and among the numerous highlight was finally meeting Andy Wallace, a local indie dev whose game I’ve been playing (and enjoying quite immensely) for quite some time now. Perhaps you might recall this Attract Mode post a whiles back. Anyhow, Kotaku finally took a look:

- Speaking of which, and as noted already, am running way, way behind on a number of fronts. That includes a way, way overdue piece for Kotaku. Was hoping to have it out by today, though hopefully next week. Otherwise, the following won’t make much sense for most folk:

- Another thing that just wrapped up was Toy Fair, and I looked high and low for NECA’s booth, but to no avail (though feel free to check out my Instagram feed for what I did stumble upon, or simply wait for my recap, which at this point is due anytime in 2015). Anyhow, the reason was to check out the latest in their line of figures based upon character from movie to NES translations from the 80s. They’ve done Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and now RoboCop. And like those other two, he retains the same color scheme from the Nintendo game (which I was a proud owner of as a kid):

- Here’s a clip that I’m surprised was never posted on Tiny Cartridge first; imagine if you were a Pokemon trainer trying to get Froakie into your pocket. But instead of having a Pokeball, he was made out of cardboard:

- May may as well pass along a clip that I swear to God I saw back in the day when there was only 301+ views. The YouTube channel Really3D has been getting a ton of eyeballs as of late (mostly due to their absolutely brilliant Jurassic Park clip). Though their very first one is still their best:

- And finally, you probably heard the news yesterday: the Year of Luigi is in the home stretch and ending in less than a month. And while it’s been fun, I hope no one forgets what a douche his brother Mario is, as evidenced by Luigi’s ending in Mario Power Tennis. This is for real, btw, and not some fan film:

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