Bletting the Medlars

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Well tonight was a total let down.

With less than two weeks to go before I abandon New York City for Toronto, Canada (as first noted in my most recent edition of totally random, video game-related theater) I’m trying to do as much as possible, and that includes tying up loose ends.

And that includes completing my quest to finally see what appears to be the most bat-sh*t insane movie ever. As well as the most underground, which is no small feat these days.

So you wouldn’t believe how delighted I was when another email from ”Lucien” arrived in my inbox, completely out of the blue. The last I heard from the guy was almost four years ago. I’m assuming my most recent Canzo Empyrean mention is what got me back on his radar, or so I believe.

Anyhow, was given specific coordinates and an exact time to be at. And so I went, at the right and the right place. Here’s the view when I first got there…

Here I am, at the Railroad Te, otherwise known as the Riverdale Metro North train station. That’s where I waited. And waited. And waited some more. At a certain point I began looking around, for clues.

Like the New Circassian symbol, used viles of Citrus Blue, slivers of Lavandinum, Nart bones, or an errand copy of Philosophy of Hot Tub by Shammi Morrone. But nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Once the sun had set and the cold started seeping in, I decided to make my exit. Perhaps I should have stayed all night long. To be honest, if I wasn’t under such a time crunch, I easily would have. But like I said, I have places to go, people to see.

Though as I slowly made my way back, I kept my eye on this bridge, where I did most of my waiting, for any sign of “Dr. Canzo”…

So Lucien/Dr. Canzo, Canzo Harry, Mr. Useless, Tony The Dancer, & whomever else:

Once again, I must state how disappointed I am. A build up with no conclusion or pay off, that’s always the worst. Am not sure if any recent actions on my part were out of line… Actually, I perhaps did something that could be considered reckless.

But given how precious a commodity my time is these days, and especially how unwavering my faith has been since my day one of my Canzo, some five years ago, I do believe being pro-active is perhaps warranted, maybe justified?

I am determined to see Zartan’s fall, for the glory of Bruxsa Commander. Please tell me the next step.

- Matt Hawkins

UPDATE: Finally got a response from Lucien/Dr. Canzo:

“YOU failed”

Have I? Because my canzo is far from over me thinks. In fact, I’ve only just begun.

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