Zero For Two

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Again, greetings from Toronto, and yet another wild day: now that COMICS VS GAMES is all set-up, my priority has shifted towards promotions. In addition to mentions on Kotaku and Destructoid, I was interviewed by Electric Playground! Unfortunately, I rambled on like a complete idiot, and wasn’t feeling so hot to being with (more on that in a second). But they assure me that their ace editing team can salvage pretty much anything.

I’ve also been trying my best to take the time to soak in the city. Mathew took me to the only Scottish pub in the city, which is where I had a big plate of haggis for dinner. It was? weird, but ultimately quite tasty.

But handling both has not been easily. Believe it or not, I’m still doing my regular freelance commitments, or at least trying to. Not only that, but I’m also sick. Or maybe I don’t have a cold and it’s just allergies? I honestly can’t tell, but it’s been a massive annoyance. So with all that in mind? bad news.

I will not have the well overdue latest installment of my zine, FORT90ZINE4ANSWER, ready in time for TCAF after-all. I’m really sorry, and yes, it’s beyond embarrassing.

Hey, it’s not like I’ve been slacking. Again, been busying putting together a big time art show/been busting my ass trying to keep my freelance clients happy/been feeling like complete sh*t. I hate to ask for a pass for the second year in a row, but sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade.

At the very least, people who donated to Kickstarter will be the very first crop of folks to get a copy, which was the plan since day one. How far along am I, btw? I’m actually pretty much done, with the writing at least. Though some stuff needs a second pair of eyes.

Oh, and I honestly haven’t done any of the layouts. I guess I could just slap what I have together, as it has been suggested, but I’ve waiting this long, so to just crap something out just feels wrong.

Once I’m back from Toronto and have rested/recovered, I’ll get to work to finally finishing the damn thing (as incredible as COMICS VS GAMES has been, I’ll be glad when it’s also finally over with). Which, honestly, seems to be totally doable by the end of this month.

Till then, a sneak peak, courtesy of that guy I know loves video games and cats?

BTW, I?ll still be at TCAF, with a nice little selection of goods for sale, including the brand new edition of Mar??s Letters To An Absent Father. Plus, I?ll have copies of Mathew?s exp. Which is going out of print, so this might be everyone?s last chance to nab one!

But once more, I sincerely apologize for dropping the ball on my zine once again, and greatly appreciate everyone’s patience, understand, and support, even after all this time. Thank you.

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