The In-Between

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Welcome to post #800!

Actually, it’s really #799. I accidentally skipped a number not too long ago (for reasons that are both too complicated and completely boring to go over). And, if you really want to get technical, it’s entry #765 according to my backend. A bunch of dummy posts were created when this blog was first set-up, plus there’s been a few here and there for testing purposes, whenever WordPress is updated.

BUT ANYWAY, IT’S NUMBER EIGHT HUNDRED!!! And to mark the occasion, I wanted to do something special, but many of the big things I have in the works are simply not ready to be disclosed. Case in point: I’ve got absolutely no idea when my I heart New York cable access Tumblr will go live, just been so damn busy. Speaking of which: hey, did you know I went to PAX Prime? I totally did! BTW, apologies for the lack of head’s up and updates in general (even more so than usual). Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse, since these days I’ve got my hands full with Attract Mode/Babycastles/EGM/GameSetWatch/Heavy.com/secret project #1/secret project #2/secret project #3/secret project #4. There’s probably like 13 other things that I’m probably forgetting about… seriously. Though I’m fairly certain that most folks by now are aware of my Twitter, which has become my primary platform to shamelessly self promote as of late. Plus pointlessly bitch about stuff, let’s not forget about that.

Been meaning to do a PAX Prime wrap-up ever since I got back, but once the jet lag cleared, overdue freelance commitments and emails in general took precedence, then next thing you, had to get ready for Small Press Expo! Which is this weekend. So that rundown will have to wait, though pics from day one appeared over at the Attract Mode blog not too long ago. So get ready for a PAX/SPX mega photo diary sometime next week!!! Though back to Attract Mode; guess what finally appeared in the shop? You got it…

Yes indeedy, the third FORT90ZINE is finally available for purchase online. I know a lot of people have been patiently wondering when it would be available (trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are), so that wait is at long last over.

EDIT #1: thanks for the way too kind words Eric! Also, lol at the “I gotta tell you — in every interaction I’ve had with Matt Hawkins, he’s been a total ass” comment. What else can I say, other than: I am many things to many people.

EDIT #2: My original attitude was, anyone who wanted to completely soak in the cover image should pay full price, but since I’m in a giving mood

… Besides, it’s still far more beautiful in the flesh. Cuz no matter what, the printed page >>> anything you’ll see on a computer monitor, aka THE TRUTH.

Anyhow, for those of you who’ll be at SPX this weekend, not only will I have a huge stack of zines handy (which will include the first two issues as well), I’ll also have those totally hawt Killer 7 shirts by Cory Schmitz that made their debut last weekend, which is NOT available online as of yet. Since I’m currently recharging my digital camera’s battery, am not able to take a picture (they’re all packed away, anyway), so I’ll simply refer to this Tiny Cartridge post on the subject matter.

And in addition to those two completely mind-blowing items, I’ll also have Katie’s killer new print on-hand, plus the gf will be by my side as always. With not just one but TWO new issues of her insanely awesome sci-fi/psychedelic odyssey Nurse Nurse!

Hey, since we’re talking about shows, guess now wouldn’t be such a bad time to also mention that I finally have my schedule for the New York Comic Con/Anime Fest! Once again, I’ll be running two panels: The Best (And Worst) Games From Japan That You’ve Never Heard Of will be happening on day two, October 9th, at 7:45pm (primetime Saturday night, yowza) in Panel Room 3 and How To Get A Job In Video Games is the very next morning, October 10th, at 10:45am in Panel Room 4.

Like I said, my camera’s currently out of commission, otherwise I’d take a pic of all the wacky jappy games both Dave Mauro and Joe Salina picked up for me while they were in Tokyo for Blip Fest (had lunch with them earlier this afternoon, which was when they passed them along; sadly, the EVA girls in lingerie statue that Joe won via some UFO catcher was not included). You’ll all have to wait for our panel… the Saturday night one, obviously… to see the goods in action!

That same weekend will also be the first one for Babycastles Manhattan conveniently enough, and just a friendly reminder: we still need your help to bring indie gaming goodness to everyone on the island! The money will go towards much epicness, much of which I really can’t discuss right now. Yet one project I’ve been working towards was somewhat outed earlier this evening: yes, I’m helping Eric Zimmerman and Nathalie Pozzi put something together.

BTW, for those who haven’t heard by now, Babycastles was mentioned on the Daily Show! Kinda.

One last thing: today’s the day (actually, tonight’s the night is more accurate) to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to some pals of mine. I’m talking about my main buds Hilary Florido and Joe Simko! Oh, and the Dreamcast of course; even though I had a billion places and people to see today, I still managed to put aside a few minutes for a quick round of Cosmic Smash. Meanwhile, Other M, which I picked up day one, still remains in its shrink-wrap. Then again, it’s like what they say! Actually, it’s like what Dan says. Oh, and every 9/9 I always pull out this image, but this time I finally began to wonder if it was due for retirement, especially after seeing the following via you know where

… Till I realized it’s a bit too tied into it’s 11th birthday. Still an awesome image, and who says nothing good ever comes from 4chan? All right, see you all in Bethesda.

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