Perfect Timing

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Alright, it’s almost show time!

Perhaps you’ve seen the numerous mentions all across the internets, including Wired, Kotaku, Joystiq, Tiny Cartridge, The Beat, The Electric Ant Zine Blog, and True Chip Till Death? It’s even been blowin’ up on Tumblr as well! Well, for those who somehow don’t know yet: we’re just a few short hours away till the grand opening of Game Over 4 at Giant Robot San Francisco, which includes the debut of three brand new prints from Attract Mode.

So the timing could not be any better for… the site to go do down! No doubt a few have already noticed the quick and dirty “under construction” notification that went up late last night. Long story short: the site’s web host accidentally wiped out the database yesterday, which is annoying to say the least, especially on the eve of Attract Mode’s latest moment of glory.

But hey, it’s all good. Truth be told, we had plans to relaunch the whole thing in a few weeks anyway, with an updated look to the blog and store, along with some spiffy new features. Instead of wasting time on putting together the old (thankfully no actual content was lost, just the thing that tells where everything goes got hosed), we’re just going to move forward with version 2.0, and sooner than expected! There’s also a few other major things in the pot being simmered as we speak, but more on that later.

Please note, for those of you who recently purchased items in the store, do no fret. Again, nothing was lost, and we have everything we need to continue processing your order.

Now, I’m certain news of the store being down until the relaunch is sure to be a bummer, primarily to those hoping to get their hands on Hilary‘s, Farel‘s, and Cory‘s handiwork, since we promised to have them for sale shortly after the opening. Again, no worries! Because in addition to being available at the space, they’ll also be on their online gallery store. Check back shortly after the opening to see their availability.

Speaking of, here’s a first look at the prints before they were stuffed into an overnight slip, which would have been part of our big final head’s up post for the Attract Mode blog last night (the glare is from the protective covering, btw)…

… Adam says, as stunning as those images we’ve seen floating about have been, they simply can’t compare to the final products! It really pains us to not be at the opening tonight and see them alongside all the ultra hawt work that’ll be adorning Giant Robot’s walls.

Speaking of, if someone out there wouldn’t mind doing us a HUGE favor, cuz we can’t be there and all; I already asked a friend to do so, but if anyone else wouldn’t mind taking some pictures of the event and forwarding it myself and Adam, we’d be supremely appreciative. Even though the Attract Mode blog is offline temporarily, we?re still going to pass along status updates and like, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. And I’ll be sure to pass along any word on this end as well.

Get ready for another kick-ass year for Attract Mode!

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