NYAFF 2012: End Side A, Begin Side B (notes before the final weekend)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

My NYAFF12 ticket stub collection thus far.

Today marks the final day of the first leg of the New York Asian Film Festival 2012, and the beginning of its second round! Basically, things are wrapping up today at Lincoln Center, with the rest of the fest happening at Japan Society.

For those who haven’t been keeping track, here’s what I’ve covered thus far. Most of these have had their final screenings already (and a few only had one to being with), so hopefully some of you were able to catch a few!

- “Doomsday Book” & “Ace Attorney”
- “Vulgaria” & “Boxer’s Omen”
- “Starry Starry Night” & “Couples”
- “Zero Man vs. The Half-Virgint” & “Goke, Bodysnatcher From Hell”
- “Guns N?Roses”, ?Honey Pupu”, & “Bloody Fight In Iron-Rock Valley”
- “SPL: Sha Po Lang” & “Wu Xia”
- “Red Vacance, Black Wedding” & “Dead Bite”

Reminder: Wu Xia/Dragon has an additional showing tonight at Lincoln Center, replacing a previously announced movie that can’t be screened for whatever reason. And be sure to keep your eyes open for Starry Starry Night when it goes into slightly wider release later this month, as well as Miami Connection later this year!

Back to Japan Society: things are kicking off with Asura. Which I’ve seen already, and it’s pretty damn amazing. Definitely not your typical animu! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my write-up due in time (there’s a LOT going on, behind the scenes, which has made keeping track of the NYAFF pretty damn difficult).

I should have it up by later tonight/early tomorrow, but don’t wait for me, go see it if you can! Also, Ace Attorney has its second screening later this weekend, which is yet another do not miss. It just sucks how the second showing of Doomsday Book, one of my other favorites this year, was earlier this afternoon. Oh well?

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