Cheat Codes Won’t Save Your Soul (Part 2 of 2)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

In this post:
1. You’ll never guess what game I’m totally into at the moment.
2. Highlights from a rather boring past couple of days.
3. And another big batch of highlights from the wonderful world of the internet and video games.

Hey, I Kinda Like Grand Theft Auto Now!

For ages now, I’ve been promising a big pile of reviews; problem is, as soon as I’m close to finishing one game, I immediately get sidetracked by something new. The latest culprit is, believe it or not, The Ballad of Gay Tony. Yup, the new GTA 4 expansion. Which I’ve been morbidly curious about ever since Stephen Glicker mentioned on Twitter how there’s a blow-job scene, something that NOBODY has made mention of. Which either says that video games as a whole really come far over the years, to the point where such antics is hardly noteworthy, or how no one gives a rat’s ass about GTA anymore. Maybe both? Anyhow, and this is coming from a card-carrying GTA hater btw, I’m actually really digging it! Mind you, only just started, but having things kick off in Manhattan this time around as more or less guaranteed that I’ll enjoy this one more than GTA 4 proper. I also haven’t been offended by the game’s portrayal of gays thus far, plus the new lead Luis is every bit as engaging as Niko was. And I must also admit, as turned off as I was with the first glimpses of the fake animu via YouTube a whiles back, the actual episodes that’s in the game did manage to make me chuckle. Hey, I dig TV Funhouse-type humor.

So if I end up beating the game, I’ll pass along a review, though I should really work on my two cents re: New Super Mario Wii first, as pointless it might be. After-all, virtually everyone’s played it and therefore knows how generally awesome (and sometimes not so awesome) the whole shebang is. But hey, various folks value my opinions, which is certainly nice! But truth be told, I think I’ve been sorta slacking when it comes to this blog as of late; I’ve mostly been just compiling and regurgitating news that’s already out there, and while I have been told that I’m doing a great service for those that don’t have the time to check everything first-hand themselves, I just haven’t written that much original content as of late and feel kinda crappy about that. Not helping is how my life, at least the stuff I can share online, is hardly exciting. A few (mostly) non-video game highlights from the past couple of days…

- In addition to Katie picking our cat’s nose and successfully extracting the dried (and needless to say disgusting) dried bugger in her nose, she just joined a local cat colony. Basically, she’s going to help trap feral cats for this group (there’s apparently a TON in our parts, which again is the very northern tip of Manhattan), who will then fix and try to adopt them out. Just the very idea of my girlfriend setting up some trap and then hiding in the bushes for some kitty cat like an old Looney Tunes cartoon fills me with so much job that I can’t even being to describe.

- After struggling for what felt like an eternity, I finally have my iMac working in tip-top shape, mostly by wiping out the hard drive, re-installing the OS, plus properly re-allocating and tightening up various bits and pieces, all stuff I was too lazy to take care of after my first Snow Leopard install and which I obviously paid the price for. Still not happy with all the retarded bugs… I’m sorry, “features” that is still part of the OS; 10.6 is still far and away the worst version of OS X Apple has ever put out the door, and as I’ve noted many times elsewhere, if you’re a professional that must deal with large amounts of image files on a regular basis, for God’s sake, DO NOT UPGRADE TO SNOW LEOPARD! But I’ve finally come to grips with most of them and finally have a well-oiled machine. I know almost no one reading this will care, except maybe those who have been wondering why I’ve no longer complained about my Mac on Twitter (sup sabler), but considering how bruised my Mac ego was before all this, I’m just mighty proud, that’s all. Though that being said, I’m still struggling to grips with my freshly installed XP partition, which while still far more stable and reliable then Windows 7, does remind me why I’m an Apple person in the first place. I can’t even get Joy2Key to work for Pete’s sake.

- Haven’t seen anything good as of late. The only movie I’m looking forward to is, believe it or not, Ninja Assassin. Hey, I’m a Rain fan! As is Hilary, so I’m waiting till she’s done with her pet sitting duties in Connecticut to check it out with her. Hopefully it’ll still be in theaters by then! Meanwhile, haven’t watched any anime in ages either (well, not since Cencoroll at least). I hear Trapeze is excellent and I’ve already nabbed the first couple of episodes, but they’re just sitting there on my hard drive, not doing much of anything. Guess I need to be in the right mood. I also have the recently released French edition of Mind Game plus Summer Wars, both of which I should really get around to cracking open soon! And yes, I’ve heard that Studio Gonzo has gone belly-up and will therefore not be able to do the second season of Strike Witches (you know, that show with girls who are 15 at most yet fly around in their panties, with WW2 machinery for legs and sporting cats/tails). Needless to say, I am devastated.

- Actually, as what I have been watching, basically this YouTube video, about 20 times a day for the past week or so. Being a fan of the old TMNT cartoon isn’t a requisite, but it certainly does help. Followed by this and this.

- Finally walked across the George Washington Bridge, something I’ve been meaning to do since first moving to Washington Heights. And no, it wasn’t raining at the time, nor am I the least bit interested in bungee jumping, so I wasn’t trying to re-create the opening scene in Metal Gear Solid 2. My plans of using it as a new jogging route is no longer crazy or stupid since the high altitudes and winds insures that any car exhaust doesn’t still around for too long. Plus there’s plenty of other joggers, along with cyclists, certainly don’t mind it either. Though I’m mostly just interested in seeing how doable a walking trip to Mitsuwa is; getting there on foot should be too hard, but carrying back bottles of sake and frozen beef bowls? Might need to take the shuttle bus back of that leg.

… See, how boring was all that?! Again, been busy with assorted other projects that, naturally, I can’t talk about. Otherwise, got into a bunch of arguments with assorted folks at local establishments (fun-fact: Shintaro Kago is selling original artwork online, and some of the prices are criminally cheap, yet I can’t bite because I just know the local post office douchebags will f*ck it up somehow), plus MTA employees naturally, but does anyone even care anymore? Even I don’t. And what about my annoying upstairs neighbors? Super long story short: the reason why it sounds like a herd of elephants, stomping around upstairs is his how, according to the super, they’re 9,000 pounds each. So elephants that also happen to get very animated whenever there’s a UFC event. But again, who cares?

Actually, I guess I could talk about the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, which is happening this very second, but not going. Sorry! As much as I want to support the indie comics scene (well, to varying degrees mind you), I’m still passing due to the simple fact that dealing with Willamsburg on the weekend, especially one in which the subways are supposed to be particularly screwed up, is not on the agenda. Hate to be a snobby Manhattanite and all. Besides, also need to save my energy for this upcoming weekend, which we be more than super packed. But until that report comes, here’s more of what else has been going on…

My Dream Of A Night Court Video Game, Partially Realized

- Well the PlayStation turned 15 earlier this week…

… I already passed along a history lesson over at Heavy, so no need to repeat myself here. And like I said, the PSone sure is a wonderfully cute little machine, isn’t it? Here’s a commercial that stresses this fact that I saved from Daily Radar back in the day. Question: anyone know how I can get mine modded? Cuz it’s nice to look at and all, but unless it can play Vib Ribbon (and original copy, of course), it’s still kinda useless.

- The other big news of the week, which I also mentioned over at Heavy, but certainly bears repeating, is how at long last we finally have proof that Michael Jackson was responsible for the Sonic 3 soundtrack! And to think, for a while I was actually starting to begin all the doubters!

Again, be sure to check out the full breakdown along with the always awesome “Michael Quest” over at my other game blogging digs. Sorry for the constant plugs, but I’d like to keep that gig going as long as possible, so the more people that click my links, the more the bosses will be happier, and so will ! Though back to the SSV post, here’s something that was deposited in the comment section that’s funny because it’s true!

… I’m amazed that I was able to figure that one out myself.

- Perhaps not as big to some, but certainly to many folks such as myself, is the news that Akira Yamaoka is leaving Konami. Aside from the fact that he dude more or less embodies Silent Hill more than anyone else. Though to be honest, I’m somewhat out of the loop and am therefore unfamiliar with his beef with the Japanese gaming industry, which I guess is the reason why he’s quitting his day job. Naturally I’m dying to know, since it really does seem like things over there keeps getting screwier and screwier. Speaking off…

- It’s becoming somewhat apparent that Cave will not be making ESPGaluda II region free like Mushihime-sama Futari, and it’s frustrating to say the least. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who views this as somewhat of a “f*ck you” to their American audience.

But hey, at least I’ll be able to experience this on my American 360, and something’s better than nothing, right?

- Back to Original Sound Version, their review of the Rockman chiptunes tribute is worth checking out, especially if you’re still on the fence about importing the sucker. Despite the lack of a Magnet Man remix, it’s still pretty outstanding.

- Oh, and now I have to track down this single by no3b to see if the b-side really does sound like the moon stage from Ducktales. Splendid.

_ I’m certain everyone’s gotten his or her Club Nintendo bonuses by now. If you were like me and were too lazy to fill out all those stupid surveys on Nintendo.com, you had the choice of either a desk calendar or a Mario hat-shaped pouch (I chose the former, to replace Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist one I’ve been rocking all year). And if you had enough gold coins, you got a download code to beat up your trainer in Punch-Out for the Wii. Which I?m kicking myself over for missing out on, but not that much.

Meanwhile, in Japan

… Yeah, bummer, I know.

- Capcom is re-tooling Final Fight and Magic Sword (God I love that game back in the day) into one handily little package, one that’s HDTV ready. This includes assorted graphics filters, but the best part are these frames…

- And Mirror’s Edge is heading to the iPhone, and gotta say, I’m just as skeptical of a decent gameplay experience as 4 color rebellion, for many of the same points that they outline, plus I also agree that if it’s not a shameless rip-off of Canabalt, then what’s the f’n point?

Though the real question is whether EA will be sued (yet again) by that jerk-off Tim Lanngdell for using the word Edge in the title. It really sucks how he got a minor will when the latest and most well-known recipient of his nonsense, Edge became Edgy.

- Check out what might be the very first mention of Nintendo on American soil, circa 1955.

- One last quick thing from 4 color: a game from the creators of Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman that’s about airship management!

- You know, Cactus has been getting lots of attention as of late. Which of course is a good thing! Brandon recently whipped up a nice little hit list of the guy’s stuff over at Boing Boing.

On, and just two days after GAMMA 4 was announced, the dude already finished his entry. Crazy, but hardly a shock coming from the guy. Also, gotta love his new site design!

- Back to Brandon and Boing Boing, here we have a look at the art of LittleBigPlanet. I still say it’s the most overrated game of this generation (the fact that game academics still jerk off to it gives me migraines just thinking it), but it’s always had killer looks…

- Though these days, the best place to check out Brandon’s game related discoveries is over at his Tumblr. Like this look at some pre-release version of Xi/Devil Dice

- Hey, the soundtrack to D-Pad Hero is finally available for download!

- So it’s not all that game related, save for one tiny little reference, but the guy has a thing for music videos that feature neat animation and so do I!

- The creator of Knytt now has shirts for sale and they’re pretty nifty!

- Again, pretty annoying how Boing Boing won’t let him update Offworld like he used to, otherwise more folks would know by know that GIRL recently reached Jupiter in Noby Noby Boy.

- I believe a long time ago I mentioned something called Tetris Giant, or at least passed along a pic of the arcade machine’s super huge joysticks. Well, here it is in action.

- Recently rediscovered the following while digging through ages old bookmarks in Firefox: pictures from some art installation that featured pinball machines that had an interactive flat-screen display instead of the traditional mechanics

- Meanwhile, most folks have probably already seen Brock Davis‘s Arcade Expressionism by now I realize, but the Donkey Kong one gets all the attention, whereas the Missile Command one is clearly the best…

… Davis is also the artist behind Chris With Teacup? Sweet.

- Oh God, I simply cannot wait for the American release of Sin & Punishment 2. CANNOT wait.

- Via Phil Fish on Twitter, this game, whatever it might end up being, sure is pretty, even at such an early stage.

- Via Bure on Twitter as well, an insanely awesome Persona fan-art from Pixiv!

… Be sure to select your favorite part and make a desktop wallpaper like I just did! Still don’t get why everyone’s holding household appliances.

- Speaking Persona, here’s the cover to some game mag that I snapped while at Mitsuwa last weekend…

… Perhaps it’s just in my mind, but I kind believe the camera in my iPhone 3GS is tad bit worse than the one in my old regular 3G? Anyhow, would have totally picked it up, but there was hardly any Persona 3 Portable info in the actual magazine itself.

- And via some random dude on Tumblr, a throne made entirely of Famicom carts

- Far and away, the coolest iPod/iPhone dock ever

- There’s a new art book covering Street Fighter coming out soon. Not much is known other than what National Console Support has listen on their blog and pre-order page. Too bad my recent experiences with them regarding the Rise statue has basically killed any desire to do business with them every again.

- I’m also sure that everyone has seen this video by now, of some crazy New Super Mario Bros Wii glitch.

- Speaking of Mario, has everyone checked out the supremely awesome Iwata Ask with Miymamoto? Its chock full of incredible bits and pieces that every fan of Mario, Nintendo, and video games as a whole must absolutely check out.

The thing is, it’s also quite big, so perhaps highlights via places like Kotaku might be most people’s best bets. Like how Mario appearing in so many games is actually an homage to Hitchcock! As well as the revelation that Mario 64 had multiplayer at one point and how Miyamoto wanted to patent jumping in a video game!

Though the best one would have to be Desert Hat’s breakdown of Miyamoto’s game design philosophy. Funny thing is, if he was to apply to Nintendo for a job, they wouldn’t hire the guy!

- Actually, let’s stay with Kotaku for a tiny bit. Believe it or not, but Totilo and McWhertor haven’t been the only ones to dig up interesting stuff on that end. Though Mike was the one to remind everyone that Katamari Damacy Online still exists

- Here we have the many faces of Space Invaders

- Poor, poor (and stupid) Nokia.

- Time for a Marc Ecko update: the guy is still a a**shole!

- You know how Americans are always bitching about the dub work in JRPGs, because it doesn’t sound authentic? Well, it works both ways.

- As if it needed to mentioned, but Japanese sex games keep getting creepier and creepier and creepier.

- It’s pretty infuriating to hear of how all these amazing apps that keep getting rejected by Apple, yet something like this manages to make it to the App Store.

- Witness as both Super Mario and Tetris serve drinks.

- Looks like I have a reason to check out Bones!

- Alright, time for the good stuff; you know what time it is…. Tiny Cartridge time! For starters, I’m not so much amused by yet another game including a public bath scene but more by JC’s vaguely cranky old guy complaints about it!

- Though I will agree that chiptunes with vocals is simply the bomb, ESPECIALLY if Hally is involved.

- Gotta say, EA of Japan’s Zelda but with ninjas is looking better each time it pops up!

- I’m usually not up for spoilers as well, but you must check out the ending to Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter. It’s M. Night Shamalamadingdong-rrific all right!

- So, did Nintendo shamelessly rip-off or simply flat-out buy out this Game Boy Zelda clone that actually pre-dated the real deal by three years?

- Speaking of Link’s Awakening, did you know that some nudity had to be censored out for the American release? Never mind that it’s a naked hippo artist’s model.

- At the time, this Terra Cresta promo cart (one of my earliest lessons in life of how an awesome looking box does not guarantee an awesome playing game) was just $5, but it ended up selling at $191.

- It’s Doom crossed with Mega Man

- For whatever reason, I really dig this photo of a pair of guys walking the streets of Stockholm, prototyping their DSi ghost catching game

- Here we have a “pitch” for a new action RPG that takes place in space that’s by the creator of Contact that’s tentatively called Space Agency. Looks might enticing, even with awkward Engrish (which was bad enough for the creator to then pass alonga slightly edited/cleaned-up version).

- Unfortunately I’m a bit too late for the re-broadcasting, so the sole purpose of bringing this up is to pass along the fab Rhythm Heaven fan art…

… Though the price only went up by $5, and at $15, the price is still a steal! The artist is also response for this too cute Hatsune Miku/Ulala mash-up…

- From the same guy that did that ultra fab Space Invaders/Life Magazine mash-up comes something equally exquisite

- Both myself and Zack (you know, of Life Meter fame) were just talking about whether it was finally time to take the GamesSpite Quarterly plunge.

- The reason why I love TC so much is that they ask the tough questions. Like, who the hell is Sexy Dynamite anyway?

- And once again, Eric demonstrates his keen eye for outstanding Starfax fan art

- But ultimately, there’s no better place to hear about games that us Americans will never get the chance to play, like Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting, one of the growing numbers of DSi shmups that’s available in Japan.

Then you have Kaiten Illust Puzzle Guruguru Logic, the latest from Brownie Brown, Kappa Road, and Reflect Missile from the folks behind Digidrive and PSN’s PixeJunk series. Of the three, the third’s lack of animu means that it has the best chance of making it over here.

- Plus we have a nice rundown of Maestro: Jump In Music, which is indeed pretty rad! Yup, I’ve been playing it for the past day or so thanks to… the wonders of the internet, if you catch my drift. But I’m definitely eager to add it to the permanent collection (the only games I collect these days are DS titles, I just love the little cases), so if anyone knows a good Euro shop, please let me know!

- The King of Games has some new stuff for sale, specifically aimed at fans of Spelunker and R-Type

- On a related note, despite being a fairly hardcore shmup guy, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Darius for whatever reason, other than the Zuntata soundtracks of course. Though I’m fairly psyched for the upcoming Darius Burst for the PSP, mostly since Square Enix now runs Taito and every old property that’s been released has pretty much been gold. Space Invaders Extreme anyone?

In addition to the sweet looking cover, take a gander at the DX pack’s extras, which includes a bath towel…

… And this killer looking shirt…

- Absolutely nothing warms my heart more than blogs in which the author clearly knows his sh*t regarding a subject that I know virtually nothing about. Like the author of Welcome To Special Round; if you look around, you’ll see more than a few posts that entirely dedicated to Konami’s Bemani offerings. His latest post is all about Beatmania’s red-headed stepchild Pop’n Music. Even though I don’t entirely get it, I still dig.

- You know, I should really get around to checking out A Life Well Wasted one of these days…

- Hey BlazBlue fans, you might want to hunt down the >Materials Art Boo. I’d pass along selections from this link but most of them are fairly NSFW. You’ve been warned!

- It’s like Earth Defense Force, but set in a fantasy realm! It’s called Zangeki no Reginleiv and it’s apparently by the same folks, Sandlot? I also recall hearing that it’s both Wii Motion Plus and Classic Controller compatible! Talk about covering your bases.

- Do I like footage of old NES games glitching out like crazy? Does the Pope crap in the woods?

- The subject of Kill Screen recently came up in conversation with a friend, which led to the discovery of the magazine’s site/blog. I’ve already said a few things about the project, perhaps too much without actually seeing the final product, but I must say that I’m still less than encouraged by the vibe I’m getting. At least it links to this NeoGAF thread, which is hilarious, as well as fairly insightful.

- Time to see what GameSetWatch has been unearthing! Like this super detailed walkthrough of the first half of Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble, which looks to be Atlus’ best localization effort yet!

- Here’s a neat little entry for the 2010 Independent Games Festival from South Korea, an adventure game that basically looks like a flipbook!

- Get ready for Cooking Mama, the arcade game. Yeah, I can totally see kids in Chinatown Fair lining up for this one, alongside SF4.

- The word record for Galaga was recently shattered, and even though it’s not as dramatic as the tale told in King of Kong, it was still quite the against all odds achievement. In the movies, the guy manages to make the winning touchdown despite losing a leg in a car accident, and in this case, the guy manages to break the highest score despite going blind in one eye.

- Here’s a brilliant concept that I’m shocked hasn’t been thought up before: a bullet hell shmup in which you’re the boss! You basically choose from assorted bullet patterns in hopes of annihilating that pesky little ship that managed to single-handily wipe out the entire armada.

- Game designers find inspiration for their games in the oddest of places. For some, it’s their childhoods spent exploring caves or their garden (Miyamoto), for others it’s their love and appreciation of llamas (Jeff Minter). Well, how about a high school reunion?

- I guess it really says something when news of another new Dreamcast title coming soon and it’s no longer some big deal. Guess not helping is how it looks to be another lame-o Lumines clone. Yawn.

- Fans of Assault Suits Leynos might be interested in a very similar title coming soon called Gunhound. Which I happen to be! Hopefully Ollie will help be figure out how to nab a copy later this month.

- I also can’t wait to get my hands on the Nobuo Uematsu backed album full of piano arrangements of classic Famicom tracks! Fingers are crossed that it’ll end up on iTunes indeed.

- Andy Helms went through the cast of Metal Gear Solid not too long ago, and now he’s back with a bunch of street fighters

… But before that was some faces from Psychonauts…

- Here we have a good deal of info regarding an imaginary SNES game featured in an episode of Full House, as collated and dissected by those crazy kids at Select Button. Who says they’re not able to harness their power for good?

- And now we have Megadeth crossed with Mega Man!

- In addition to being a card-carrying GTA hater, I’m also a card-carrying Kenji Eno lover, hence why it breaks my hear that I wasn’t able to attend this

- Yet another brilliant little game that’s set to rock the GDC and IGF! Man, I really need to figure a way to get my ass their mad this upcoming year.

- Was initially going to pass on re-posting this till I went to the artist’s Flickr page, which included at least one piece that I really dug…

- Semi-related

- A little reminder: Blip Fest 2009 is now less than two weeks away! And guess whose going to be covering it for GSW? You guessed it! Not will I be there to pass along a detailed reports of all the sight and sounds (sorry if this is the old person in me speaking, but I’m relieved that it’s just three nights instead of the usual four), I’m also looking forward to getting my hands on the game!

- At long last, some details behind Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

- The simple concept of a chiptunes album that covers theme songs from assorted 80s and 90s television shows is basically the greatest thing since sliced bread, if you I don’t say so myself…

… Why, WHY could there not have been a proper Night Court game for the NES? Hudson Hawk got one, and the Three Stooges one was not that bad either!

- The DS can potentially do anything, even help blind people read documents via text-to-speach!

- As some might have heard already, various UK retailers have refused to carry Muramasa for whatever retarded reason. So what a publisher to do? Resort to guerrilla marketing, that’s what! I’m just shocked to see such antics not be completely douchey, which seems to be a big issue in Europe. Anyone remember the bleeding bus stop that Acclaim whipped up a few years back?

- We already have Accordion Hero, the aforementioned D-Pad Hero… guess Ribbon Hero was just a matter of time.

- Once again it would seem that, the process of making games is becoming easier everyday though the real test is whether or not I’ll be able to figure the tools out. And when that day comes… Spready Bear will finally become a reality!

- Re: Blip Fest, the lineup and schedule is finally available online. Lots of new/unfamiliar names, and which is good in my book! I love checking out new stuff. I’m just bummed out by the return to Gowanus; the food options around there are nonexistent, plus the crowd was beyond obnoxious, but that’s Brooklyn as a whole, what can you do?

- Let’s compare and contrast some Touhou statues once again, shall we? First up is Reimu #1

… and Reimu #2

- Since we’re now on the subject of toys and figures, check out this wacky Xbox 360 Munny mod

- Then there’s this Professor Layton bobblehead

- I”m also seriously tempted by this Border Break kit

- Though not as cool as this Armored Core mecha

- I’m a big fan of Vanessa from King of Fighters, but this statue of her is lacking something, though I can’t quite put my finger on it

- Danny Choo recently posted a very detailed look at the new Dimension Diver Aegis FES figure

… I still prefer the Figma design, but still nice nonetheless.

- This R-Type model looks totally amazing…

… but sorry, I’ve already spent the rest of my spending money on that Thunder Force 5 kit I showed last time!

- Yet another old bookmarked page that I recently unearthed. Anybody know if this Vic Viper is made from scratch of an official kit?

Same with this Silver Hawk…

- Jin-Saotome is at it again! Of his latest creations, Psycho Mantis is the clear-cut winner…

- May as well swing by Siliconera once again; a few new notables items have popped up since last time, which was only a few days ago I know. I remember a time when it used to be updated three times a day, tops, and now it’s like 9,000! Anyway, did you know that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be utilizing Vocaloid tech?!

- Guess which games Japanese retailers thought bombed the most? Blood of Bahamut, that vaguely Shadow of the Colossus title for the DS. Has it been announced for the US yet? Will it ever come out here? Was it even any good?

- Meanwhile, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is officially coming out here, and it’s going to be one of the new M rated games for the DS, at least over here (in Japan, there’s tons of mature and adult oriented titles for Nintendo’s handheld, for perhaps obvious reasons). Siliconera’s Spencer’s apprehension regarding its success is perhaps a bit unwarranted however, especially comparing it to GTA: Chinatown Wars. As noted earlier, problem is, no one cares about Grant Theft Auto anymore. Plus, MegaTen fans will snatch it up and make it a success, that’s practically a guarantee.

- And to wrap things up, I present the top 50 protest signs of 2009. Simply because of…

… Then there’s….

… Which I don’t get, since EA has been one of the good guys for the past few years now. Hmmm.

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