I Was Born In A World You May Not Understand

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Well it’s finally here, day one of the New York Anime Fest! I had originally planned on passing along highlights thus far from the Tokyo Game Show, but not only am I running slightly behind (the Keynote for my presentation this Sunday is only 60% done), I also find myself dealing with a very last minute technical issue, plus I think I’m getting sick.

Besides, and I know it’s not over yet, but Christ, most underwhelming TGS ever. Hey, at least I have a nice assortment of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker shwag coming my way!

Anyway, before I run out the door to rendezvous with Hilary, here are a few wacky jappy pics to set the mood I guess…

… And here’s one pick that everyone will have to click to see since it’s slightly NSFW, but dear God is it ever awesome.

For those who missed the info in the news section, here are the panels I’ll be running:

- Games From Japan Vs. Games From The US: Who’s Winning The War? (Friday, Sept 25th, 7:45PM-8:45PM)
- How To Get A Job In Video Games (Sunday, Sept 27th, 3:00PM-4:00PM)
- The Ten Best Damn Games Ever Made & The Ten Worst As Well (Sunday, Sept 27th, 4:15PM-5:15PM)

Hope to see some of you folks there!

  • http://www.linswimmer.blogspot.com Lin Swimmer

    I’ve had a half-finished e-mail draft addressed to you for weeks now! I suck.

    Are you going to eventually pass along your two top 10′s here? Youtube? Forum?

    I was seriously considering going to this (haven’t ever been to a con of this sort), but damn! $40! That’s an insane asking-price for what seems, to me, to be a license to shop.

    Good luck with the panels.

    (I also have no idea who’s winning the war. But I guess I’m sort of stunned that Western game developers are so dominant and able to support their own market. Although… well, it seems like it’s a business thing. Just investments versus returns, no? And both markets found it beneficial to support their own industry? Do western game design companies have good penetration of Japanese markets? I know they haven’t really cracked China, yet, assuming they’re ever able. I remember when Rockstar was the only western company I knew by name.)

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