Hoping You Have A Very Hausu-ween

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Sup everyone. And welcome to the all-new fort90.com! As you can see, things are a tad bit… different. Some much needed, long overdue backend upgrades have finally taken place. Basically, my blogging software is up to date at last; you have no idea how I’ve been secretly waiting in fear, of some hacker coming in and totally messing the entire place up. Let’s just say, it was a VERY long time.

But it’s also a work in progress, which I believe is obvious. Hopefully, everything will be nice and tight in the new few days. Unfortunately, that might be a tall order, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. It’s also why the past few updates were never posted; today was supposed to the final installment of my three-part look at New York Comic Con 2012 (with the focus on cosplay coming just in time for Halloween). Oh well.

I’m actually at Wax Eye HQ right this second. Thankfully, I never lost power during the storm, though the constant brownouts were nerve-racking to say the least. But I did lose internet early on, along with television.

At first, I was able to use Twitter to good effect. But the day after was when AT&T’s network in my neighborhood (and across NYC) finally began to buckle as everyone began relying upon their iPhones to see how loved ones were doing and to learn about the aftermath. And because I had plans to hang with Joe and June on Halloween anyway, I was simply invited to come over a day early and crash for a bit.

I’ve also been trying to do freelance work and catch up on important emails, which has been somewhat tricky. But I did get to do a Halloween themed post for Attract Mode late last night, for those who haven’t seen it! Speaking of, it has come to my attention that not everyone who frequents this site is aware of my output over at my new second home.

Guess not everyone follows me on Twitter or Tumblr (links to the upper lefthand of the page, btw). So here’s a checklist of what’s been going on over at that end…

- I’m pretty sure I posted my first attempt at an game related Instagram dump, way back when. Which has since become a regular thing! Here’s helping number two and helping number three.

- Here we have a gorgeous looking handmade zine about Nintendo by an insanely talent UK design student and totally amazing photos of a San Francisco Bay Area arcade from the 80s.

- What happens when you cram a Game Boy Advance into the head of a vinyl toy? You get the Super Gigan.

- My pal Lamar is working on a comic about a haunted arcade and it looks absolutely amazing.

- Remember Comics Vs. Games from earlier this year, which was part of TCAF and which I was involved in? The people who helped put it together, TIFF Nexus, produced a documentary and here it is.

- Posted it once before, around here, and posted it once again for Attract Mode: the Labyrinth of the Psychonaut’s absolutely batsh*t insane look at the Super Mario Bros live action movie, plus a few other things.

- My helpful guide to the world of video game print, which has seriously never been healthier.

- If you don’t about Tokyo Scum Brigade, you honestly should by now.

- I’ve also been covering chiptunes for Attract Mode; here’s a recently example, and an earlier one. BTW, a head’s up: I have another Blip Tokyo 2k12 post lined up for very soon.

- And finally, Super Street Fire.

… BTW, the picture above courtesy of the Same Hat Tumblr! Happy Halloween everyone, and in the words of Space Boyfriend, don’t get spooked.

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