Because There Are Questions, There Needs To Be… FORT90ZINE4ANSWER

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Hot on the heels of the Grasshopper art contest (btw, we’re officially one month minus one day shy of the deadline, so don’t forget) comes my next big push: to help make the 4th installment of the fort90zine as a whole happen…

Everything you’ll need to know can be found on the Kickstarter page proper. I guess it’s a way for me to offer the issue in a vaguely pre-order fashion, along with the chance to pick up some super cool extras. Though any amount you could possibly pass along would be sincerely appreciated.

Oh, and a big hearty thanks to Topher Florence, otherwise known to the world wide web as DocFuture, for the absolutely amazing video. Isn’t it, like, the greatest thing ever? And for those who want to know what the title is all about, it’s a reference to this.

UPDATE: As already pointed out by my good pal Jenn De La Vega, less than 48 hours into the drive and I’ve already met my goal! Thank you to everyone who lent a hand, it’s supremely appreciated. Though I could definitely still use help all the help/as many pre-orders as I can get. Exact reasons are spelled out here.

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