At The Very Least, Valentine’s Day Is A Good Chance For Some Decent Game Related Gags & Stuff

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The original plan for Monday was to pass along a nice assortment of pictures plus report from Toy Fair, which kicked off earlier today (as of this writing)/yesterday (which is when most of you will be reading this). But alas, Katie’s birthday bash from this past Saturday night knocked my ass out and left me in recovery mode. Was also gonna pass along pics from the shindig as well, and perhaps a few from karaoke the previous weekend (which was when Katie’s actual date of birth occurred).

On top of all that, was also going to post a few links and make some announcements, but much of those are in various states of not being ready quite yet (though for anyone really paying attention, I’ve had new stuff popping up over at Gamasutra, GameSetWatch, Mecha Damashii, and the Attract Mode blog). So while all that is being taken care of, figured why not pass along an oldie but goodie, to mark the day…

… BTW, not sure who the original artist is. Found it so time ago, and when I was less careful with sources and the like. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give credit to whomever it’s due!

  • Slonie

    I just sent that to my ex.

  • https://www.fort90.com fort90

    Well, without getting into a whole “thing”, even though I am in a wonderful relationship, and am a romantic at heart, I still find Valentine’s Day in general to be more trouble than it’s worth. Most on my end were spent in solitude, and it can suck when you’ve got no one to show flowers and candy and all that nonsense on.

    I also happen to know a bunch of folks who aren’t in the best of places right now, as it pertains to love and relationships and all that jazz, so this day has to be especially annoying.

    Not to say that you’re in any of those boats… I’m actually quite ignorant of your romantic entanglements (that statement is for anybody else reading, perhaps obviously). Just saying, hence why I actually debated on even posting the pic in the first place. But hence the title of the post!

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