“yokohama high school hot wave festival”

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Welcome to post #900! And time to finally talk about the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival, right? Nope; the festival kicks of this Friday and my first round of reviews should be popping up shortly beforehand (and fingers crossed that the site redesign will be ready by then as well).

Actually, my very first one will be showing up “elsewhere” in the next day or so. Also, this technically isn’t entry #900, but more like #873 or something like that, as noted once already. For reasons that no one but myself would give a rat’s ass about (thanks OCD). SO ANYWAY, from late last night?

The above is for an update for the FORT90ZINE4ANSWER Kickstarter and figured that it only makes sense to share it here. And thus far, the response has been quite swell. Like: “you know FOR90ZINE has hipster cred when the cover is revealed over instagram >.>” Thanks Jon!

But yeah, nice to know that people still care. Though it’s worth noting that those covers above are messed up (as somewhat explained here). They look nice enough? but trust me, the colors are off. I’m still looking for a brand new printing solution, btw.

Anyhow, since I have everyone’s attention, I also need to mention my brand new obsession when it comes to music: ventla. He’s some dude in Japan that’s aiming to release a 100 digital albums (all for totally free) over the next few months and years.

Thus far he’s up to number 15, and each keeps getting better and better. It’s the perfect mix of? well, pretty much everything that’s awesome in music? plus it’s absolutely perfect for this time of the year. All his stuff can be found over at this Tumblr.

I especially recommend his two most recent offerings, anti-vivant and auditory phantom, as starters!

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