The Birthday/Unemployment Celebration Continues

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

For the hell of it, Joe Simko swung by the apartment yesterday (Wednesday) to play video games and help empty the fridge of all the excess beer carried over from last Friday’s party. Plus Joe brought donuts. So yeah, we were both drunk, eating chocolate frosted rings, and attempting to play Message In A Bottle on Medium (and failing miserably btw… at least Joe has the excuse that he never plays video games), all around 2 in the afternoon.

In addition to Guitar Hero, I took the liberty of showing Joe a number of other games, to demonstrate how far things have come since his days of Super Mario Bros 3. This included Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros Brawl, No More Heroes, Vib Ribbon (played with Joe’s own self-produced album, Clogged Arteries), Love Love Mine (for the taste of WACKY JAPPY), as well as Super Galdelic Girls (for the WACKY JAPPY overdose). The biggest hit, not surprisingly, was Wii Sport, specifically Wii Bowling, since that’s practically custom built for people who don’t play video games/are loaded. Oh, and we both sat around and bitched about work, specifically why we didn’t have it in us to work on work, or look for work. Meanwhile, both of the women in our lives confessed to how jealous they were of our little afternoon playtime. But hey, all we can say is, it ain’t easy being freelance.

Speaking off, later that evening, Katie finally arrived from work, put on a very nice dress, and then we headed down to Time Square, towards Saki Bar Hagi, for my birthday dinner. I pigged out on a number of their delectable dishes, including udon noodles soaked in curry, which was totally awesome, and a huge cooked rice ball covered in miso, which was delicious, but super strong, too much so for myself. And if goes without saying that the food blows away Kenka’s offering, but despite the annoy throngs of NYU-fucktards, its at least much easier to get seating at Kenka, and they also have better french fries (remember, we are talking about bar food here). Also, I didn’t have any saki… I figured it probably would not be the brightest move to mix Japanese wine with so much German beer. Though instead, I ended up having some at Hilary’s fave saki joint earlier this evening, for a birthday drink, after I took her to my new fave Korean joint, even though their kimchee surprisingly sucks. But their bulgogi is fucking phenomenal.

And since its 40 minutes into April 18th, as I write this sentence, it’s finally by birthday. I am now 31. Yay. And how am I going to spend the day? At the New York Comic Con, of course! And in addition to covering the event for this here site, I’m also going to do some reporting for Comic Book Resources! Yup, I’m their newest writer.

Also, not sure if anyone noticed, but my GameSetWatch column is finally back after a somewhat extended hiatus.

Anyhow, since its been a somewhat of a slow week (the only other highlights that immediately spring to mind is how I did my taxes, on the day they were do, and how I totally got raped… aside from the fact that preparation bill was extra big this year, due to working three full-time jobs, plus six or so freelance gigs, all across three states, I also owed to state of New York money…. so all of a sudden I’m dirt, DIRT poor, and again considering my employment status, that TOTALLY bites, and how I also had another ridiculous “God being an Apple user in NYC totally fucking bites” moment just this afternoon, but its kinda developing, so I’ll save the specifics for another times), how about I simply pass along highlights from the forum, since its been a while since I last did so? Such as…

- I’m sure everyone’s already seen this already, but via the Halo 3 thread, which is still alive and kicking thanks to Dave (though some new maps were just recently released), comes a custom My Little Pony Master Chief.

- And Mike reminds us all what a kick-ass site Let’s Play truly is. That Harvester synopsis is still one of the greatest things the internet has ever produced.

- The final countdown to Grand Theft Auto 4 is finally underway.

- Via the hacking and bootlegging thread comes… Jug Hero?

- Sorry, but I hate to bash fellow “game journalists”, but the angry, bitchy gamer shtick is just so fucking not funny.

- Via the random video game videos thread comes the and something that will surely send chills down the spines of all Parappa the Rapper fans everywhere.

- Via the awesome video game related clothing thread are two more shirts that I’m totally jacking off to…

- I still have no idea what the second ship on the top line is from…

- And I know this is really old news at this point, which I totally wanted to touch upon when it was more timely, but I still feel it needs to be said: Microsoft still sucks the big one for passing on DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou and Ketsui, as well as allowing XBL Arcade for becoming such shithole for the most part. If not for Rez HD, it would seriously be completely useless, and given the current state of affairs, I’m even more shocked that it managed to get released.

- Moving away from bitching about video games… how about bitching about real life games? Like baseball, which I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of, though A LOT of that has to do with being in NYC.

- Via the movie thread comes anticipation for the Iron Man movie, and complete dread for Spielberg’s Ghost In The Shell. Also, I know a live-action Akira was on the way, but directed by Leonardo Dicaprio? WTF. And I haven’t seen the trailer to Indy 4, and I kinda don’t care!

- Even though the Zedge blog is dead (gotta admit, I’m kinda miffed that its been totally erased… I think I wrote some really neat stuff for that blog, none of which I was smart enough to keep backed up), I’m still writing about cell phones. Mostly about how awesome mine is, of course.

- Want to know how I think J. K. Rowling will die? Well here ya go.

- My must see film of 2008? American Furry, of course.

- Hey! A series of computer animated shorts that are actually fun to watch, and that have actual heart and soul to them? Be sure to check out Please Say Something

- Like I need to say it, but man, feminists are fucking nuts.

- Full House and performance/video art?Yes please!

- The problem with the awesomely shit-tastic comics thread is that the selections are becoming less shit, and more awesome

- Shakespeare + manga =???

- Back to my GSW column, should I even bother with the live-action Silent Hill movie?

- And of my favorite threads from the past few weeks has to be the automatic disqualifications topic. Once again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with NPR, but most folks that are passionate about listening to it get on my fucking nerves like nothing else.

- Also, yeah, the “AWESOME” tattoo is rather awesome indeed.

- You folks have heard about the anti-emo riots in Mexico, right?

- I guess Live-Action Role Playing has gotten slightly less gay Key word here being “slightly.”

- For those of you who appreciate the 8-bit aesthetic, as well as the chiptunes group YMCK.

- Via the comes the Why I Love Russia + The Internet thread comes a trailer for “Hitler Kaput! Which reminds me, I also found another wacky trailer for a Russian movie, this one starring communist zombies, yet I can’t find it anywhere… Drat.

- Speaking of videos, the obligatory random vids thread is chock full of wonderful stupidity, though at the moment, nothing beats the greatest freestyle rap showdown of all time. Okay, maybe this AMV which is completely devoid of anime, and chock full of cats and dogs.

- And some highlights from the random pictures thread…

- Finally, come to the hidden chamber for the latest and greatest animated gifs, and stay for the three or so “ZOMG, HERMIONE IS NOW LEGAL!” threads, plus dick jokes, music, and story about the cancer cure that involved pie pans and hot dogs.

  • http://ilikeapplejuice.com travis nichols

    I HAVE THAT CANDyLAND CD!!! i found it in the street while at MOCCA a few years ago. I also found another comp called “Crack for Christmas”. both incredible.

    and Vinnie’s pizza is the shit.

    this post was written for me, wasn’t it? WASN’T IT.

  • http://www.fort90.com Matt

    Yes it was Travis.

    Hey, you coming to the NYCC? At the very least, you’re coming to MoCCA right?



    Cheers for the link to Please Say Something – it’s rather incredible.

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