Scott Pilgrm The Video Game, Starring Anamanaguchi And Paul Robertson

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

It’s like 5:00am and I’m beyond exhausted; day 1 of PAX East was epic and day 2 starts in just a few hours!

Now, usually I wait till the dust has settled to pass along pics, but this time I’m making an exception, due to how red hot the following is (hence why I’m also not in bed yet, despite rest being way overdue): Courtesy of Adam, screengrabs from the video that accompanied an Anamanaguchi song, the one that was performed immediately after their big announcement (for days they’ve been teasing it on Twitter). Which is how the band will be doing the soundtrack for the new Scott Pilgrim video game!

Aside from the amazing audio, you’ve got visuals that are genuinely mind-blowing; even though he wasn’t named outright, it’s clear as day that Paul Robertson is handling the sprite-work!

… To see the rest, head directly towards the Attract Mode blog!

  • http://www.liyolabs.etsy.com Lem

    Anything that involves girls in small skirts vomiting something = Paul Robertson

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  • http://www.reverbnation.com/ujnhunter Ujn Hunter

    What is the appeal of a Scott Pilgrim? These people look like Generic Dudes in T-shirts. Someone enlighten me.

  • Crash Override9207

    How in the world is this not on Wii? Scott Pilgrim has TONS of Nintendo references and I’m sure the Wii can handle it.

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