“Just sleep with me–!!” “Whatever, I don’t care anymore…”

by Matthew Hawkins

So what does one do when they just got home from a birthday celebration at Barcade (yeah, I know, but if that’s where someone wants to celebrate, so be it), is kinda drunk, and is waiting to record an impromptu, late night podcast?

Oh, and is also waiting for their Trader Joe’s chicken tikka masala to finish warming up in the oven? Why, they update their blog, that’s what!

Can’t believe it’s mid-March. It’s the same old story: been busy as sh*t. Writing for MSNBC, Guyism, and a bunch of others. Also been working on FORT90ZINE4ANSWER. Taking forever, but it?s getting done. The thing is going to be done by the end of April, in time for TCAF 2012, so help me God.

And speaking of Toronto! I’ve kept the following on the down-low for some time now, and while I’m not quite ready to make an official announcement, I’m also drunk, and feeling extra honest, so long story short: I’m curating another art show.

Again, can’t really say too much, other than how it’ll immediately precede TCAF and will include the work of all sorts of rad people! But yeah, it’s been a major one major reason why I’ve been so spread thing as of late.

Still, all work and no play makes blah, blah, blah. So for starters, some more Instagram shots! The following was taken when I went out to Queens one weekend, to visit my pal Russ. Who lives near a White Castle corporate office building. One that’s shaped like a White Castle. Hilarious?

I’ve lived in Washington Heights for about four and a half years, and I’m embarrassed to say that I barely know my neck of the woods. Well, but making attempts recently to fix that. Though I’ve known already that the George Washington Bridge (which I live super close to) is the best bridge?

Also close by is both Fort Tryon Park and Inwood Hill Park; both are big and beautiful. Especially the former, because sometimes, one can even forget that they’re in Manhattan! Like this particular scene?

Though Pac-Man and company is super close-by, near where I do most of my grocery shopping. Have never bothered to take a picture, until now?

And once again, time for stuff I found interesting while killing time at the magazine section of a Japanese bookstore?

Related: recently arrived in the mail; latest editions of Shooting Gameside. They’re zines about shumps for those not familiar. Issue no. 4 and special issue no. 0?

Check out my collection of Japanese soda cans! Granted, it’s on the meager side, but still?

I also collect video game apparel. Here’s two MGS X UNIQLO shirts I have, which I posed in reference to the latest round that’s going on sale soon?

Also related: I know it’s clich?d to show off press schwag, but check out this Journey scarf and accompanying bag I got just today! Which, btw, is a truly amazing game

Earlier this week was yet another book release party for Travis at Greenpoint’s WORD. It was there that I stumbled across the just released Art of Video Games book, which is tied into the just opened exhibition at the Smithsonian?

I’m glad to see that Gunstar Heroes made their list! Though Rez is an absolute no brainer, and if it was absent, the whole thing would have been a sham?

Here we have the man of the hour, reading a passage from his latest, Matthew Meets The Man?

He also encouraged folks to pose in front of the cut outs of the books characters. Here I am with Travis, Dave, and very blurry Ryan Sias in the back?

Speaking of pals, I can’t help but be the 27th million people to congratulate the fine folks at Double Fine on their historic Kickstarter success! And because I totally suck at adventure games, I’m mostly just interested in the making of documentary by 2 Player Productions. Here we have the two Pauls and Asif having a celebratory toast at the offices, along with Gerritt? Can’t wait to ask him about that later tonight?

Another pal currently on vacation is Hilary. She’s in Japan, and says she’ll try to stop by Akihabara to take some game related pics on my behalf. But in the meanwhile, here she is next to some monkeys and freaking out. I’m guessing cuz of the one that’s apparently mid-stream (and right into the hot spring that they’re chliing at, which is pretty damn gross)?

Semi-related, since the above is via her Tumblr: in addition to my way, WAY overdue link dump of gaming news and nonsense, also been meaning to pull highlights from my Repository of Random, which I’ve still been updating now and again. That too will have to wait, but here’s some recent favorites?

Sorry, been too busy to update I F*cking Love New York City Cable Access as well. That one, unfortunately, takes legit effort! Hopefully soon (like, after I’m done with the zine, the art show, and TCAF). Though I’ve also been trying to keep my corner of Canvas somewhat active, but that too has somewhat fallen to the way side, but not completely?

It was Jason who sent me the text above, btw. Sup homie.

Though the one rundown that perhaps matters the most is highlights from my various day jobs. Since, you know, hits on those end will ensure that I can pay the rent. But again, that’ll have to wait. Though quick like: recent faves on MSNBC include a Tumbr that?s all about hand made maps from video games, all from memory, this excellent combination of jogging and zombies, plus what might very well be the tinniest Game Boy ever.

As for Guyism, I still can’t stop watching this. Thanks Joe for the head’s up! Though my absolute fave vid in recent memory is yet another home run from Docfuture?

All right, that’s all I got. I think my Trader Joe’s food is ready. And hopefully Gerritt will be available soon for ?the Fangamer Podcast: AFTER HOURS EDITION.? But one more thing: at the end of this month, I will be making my triumphant return to ICON! Yeah, crazy, I know.

No word yet on my schedule, but I’ll pass it along as soon as it’s available. I’m hoping to do the obligatory Girl Gamers panel, if only to meet cute chicks! Yes, it’s going to be that kind of a weekend (I hope).

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