It’s the End of the World As We Know It And… I’m At Least Done With My Goddamn Video Game Zine (Well, Almost)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Most of the past week has been focused on putting all the final pieces together, as seen above. As well as dealing with even more headaches as they pertain to production, hence why the thing is still not printed up (and therefore is technically not finished after-all).

Plus I’m going to spend some extra time I have at the moment to give everything another once over. Especially since my most recent Kickstarter update ended up having a stupid typo (naturally).

But yeah, that’s basically what I’m doing tonight. Not sure if I should feel feel like a loser that I haven’t been invited to any end of the world parties tonight, or be thankful that none of my friends are into such nonsense.

Hey, real quick, a pair of Attract Mode posts for those who might have missed them: my latest game related Instagram dump

And do you love Christmas? Do you love chiptunes? How about Sound Shapes? Well, if you said yes, to all of the above

Also, I my review of 2 Player Productions’ Minecraft: The Story of Mojang also went up on Kotaku earlier today…

… Don’t forget to catch its world premier, tomorrow at 8PM EST, on Xbox Live!

But back to the here and now, 12/21/12, the date of the non-pocalypse. After I’ve done some more tinkering with the zine (you have no idea how obsessed I am with making dead certain that FORT90ZINE4ANSWER is absolutely “perfect”), I’m going to watch the absolute best movie ever made about the end of the world, Fish Story, which I gushed about hardcore at the 2009 NYAFF

… Which was on Netflix Instant last time I checked. But for whatever reason, it’s not working for me. So, in that case, I’ll simply go back to plan B: try to get some end of the word sex from Rise-chan in Persona 4 Golden. Keep an eye out on my Tumblr to see how I fare!

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