It’s A Game About Graffiti That’s Less Jet Set Radio, More Metal Slug (From The Attract Mode Archive: #049)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on April 10, 2013.

The response to the Comics Vs. Games 2 reveal has been incredible. So happy to hear that everyone’s just as psyched about Attract Mode’s upcoming return to Toronto as we are! BTW, have you seen the pieces for the art show that’s been making the rounds on Tumblr? A full rundown of participants involved will be disclosed soon, but in the meanwhile, at least you all know that Jovo Ve, Corey Lewis, and Natasha Allegri are included.

Back to Toronto; that city is simply the best. Been dying to return, the very moment Comics Vs. Games 1 wrapped up (feel free to search my blog for my detailed report). Not only is everyone super friendly, but the indie game scene is on fire (as evidenced by the just released Guacamelee, which is an early game of 2013 contender in my book), plus its various other art scenes are equally hawt. Speaking of…

Just found out that Diego Bergia’s LEPOS arcade project has been updated. Was introduced to the cancelled SNES game from an alternate universe by Annie Koyama, who published the accompanying art book; last wrote about it for GameSetWatch, back when it was first looking to become a real deal, playable game. The self-professed graffiti artist/independent animator/arcade enthusiast shared the video above last week, along with the following:

Whenever I’m in New York my home base is the Lower East Side, so for this next little teaser I chose the iconic Arlene’s Grocery as a backdrop. More importantly though, this clip introduces the one and only Bronx King CES to the LEPOS arcade project. Along with REVOK and GIANT, I’ve got three legendary motherfuckers down with this. BIG shoutout to them. Thank you!

Be sure to check Bergia’s Vimeo page for additional morsels of the upcoming game.

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