NYAFF 2012: “I think we’re in for something that will blow our minds” (notes from the first 48 hours)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The movie poster for Vulgaria, this year’s New York Asian Film Festival official opening night film.

? It’s 2:30 in the morning, I just got back from my second NYAFF 2012 midnight screening in a row (Goke, Bodysnatcher from Hell), and boy am I beat.

My original idea was to file a report at the end of each day, and it took a little over 24 hours to realize what an unrealistic plan that kinda is. Oops.

But my second round of reviews will be up soon, promise! Which will cover Vulgaria and Boxer?s Omen. Till then, a clip from the latter, as a taste of things to come?

I know I say this every year, but Jesus, 2012 might go down as the best pound for pound NYAFF yet. Their midnight offerings in particular have been mind-blowing. Granted, it’s going to take a lot to truly reach Hausu or Tokyo Gore Police levels, but this year might be awfully close.

So next Saturday July 7 at 11:15pm will be The Miami Connection. It’s basically about a new wave band made up of orphans that performs taekwondo while rocking out, and who also fight ninjas. I’ve seen the movie already, and can guarantee that the actual product more than lives up to that premise, plus then some.

Not only that, but the movie’s co-wrote, co-directed, fight choreographer, and star, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, who is also a motivational speaker, will be on-hand to do a 20 minute long taekwondo demonstration!

Word on the street is that he’s kind of insane, so and I’m certain that it’ll go down as one of the greatest moments in the history of the NYAFF. If you live in NYC, you cannot afford to miss this. Get your tickets here. And seriously, are you ready for ultimate crying over race of parents?

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