Get Ready For… Attract Mode 2.0

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Hey now. Back in New York.

Actually, been back since yesterday morning. After a power nap following a rather rocky redeye, been busting my ass to catch up on all the work I’ve missed during my two week absence. Though I did manage to get far more done in Washington State than originally anticipated, which has certainly helped matters.

Anyhow, I’ll have to wait till everything is squared away before passing along a proper blog post, specifically my post-PAX report. But I will say that it was simply the greatest time EVER.

As pretty much everyone knows already, it’s been a supremely difficult year. This summer in particular has been pretty shitty, so I desperately needed a good time like nothing else. Thankfully, I got it. Not only did I make like a hundred new friends this past weekend, but got to catch up with some amazing people that I’m proud as hell to be pals with already, some of whom I’ve been aching to see since last year’s PAX.

There are SO many highlights that I have no idea how I’ll be able to properly chronicle it all when the time comes. Though two stand outs include being told by Derek Yu that I have the best Tumblr ever (I think I might have literally blushed when being told) and the train-wreck of a Minecraft party that was accentuated by the chick vomiting all over herself, who was then helped by some Japanese tourist (dude even had a camera around his neck, if you dig) that thusly became her new boyfriend.

Though the REAL high point was step one of Attract Mode 2.0?

There’s much to tell, and to be honest, it’s only right if Adam is the one to explain things fully. But because some of the finer details are still being polished, plus the cat is out the bag already, I will say for right now: the Attract Mode shop is indeed making a comeback (many have been staring at this all summer long, wondering what the heck is up). And it will be overseen by the fine folks that operate Fangamer.

Them selling our merchandise at PAX was essentially the first showing of our newfound relationship. Not only do they make some truly phenomenal game related apparel and goods, easily eclipsing the official offerings, but they’re a well-oiled machine that simply cannot be beat. Oh, and everyone within are like the nicest, super coolest folks ever. So it’s a true honor to be working alongside them from this point forward!

Basically, Attract Mode is evolving. On one hand, it’ll become Fangamer’s indie channel, or indie label if you will. But there’s more, MUCH more. Our new set-up will allow Adam and I to finally realize projects and goals that have been difficult to manage previously, since running a shop takes much time and energy.

Funny enough, we’re also finally pulling the trigger on plans that were initially laid out at last year’s PAX…

Trust me when I say that Attract Mode is set to blow up, real good, with so much genuinely awesomeness in the pipeline that everyone involve can hardly contain themselves. Much of which will come to light in the coming months. 2012 is already looking to be an epic good time. Stay tuned!

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