Attract Mode X Fangamer X Spelunky X The Metagame = PAX East 2012

by Matthew Hawkins

It’s time once again for? the Penny Arcade Expo! PAX East to be exact. In Boston, which is where I am at the moment. In a hotel lobby, waiting for the Fangamer crew to show up, who are currently putting the final touches on their booth.

As always, am wearing multiple hats all weekend. First, I’ll be reporting on the behalf of MSNBC. Will be paying attention to all the headliners, naturally, but I?ve actually been asked to mostly concentrate on the stuff on the side. You know, all the wild and wacky cultural aspects that gives a show its true flavor.

And which is normally reserved (or should I say, have left over) for this blog. I’m thrilled my editor actually requested such coverage! In the meanwhile, and for those who haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out my interview with Masahiro Sakurai, which I’m quite proud of.

Though what about my penchant for cosplay? That’s been claimed for already as well, by Guyism. And once again, I’ve elicited the help of Emi Spicer, who did such a fine job helping me cover last fall?s New York Comic Con.

I’ll also be fulfilling my role as Attract Mode’s official east coast rep (even though, after the move to 2.0, such a title no longer exists) by helping the fine folks at FG peddle our wares. Despite the fact that, honestly, they seriously don’t need me the least bit and I?ll mostly be just getting in the way.

Speaking of, we have two new items debuting this weekend! First is something that will eventually be part of the new online shop (which is close to relaunching, I swear to God). It’s Derek Yu’s super cute and super cool Spelunky figures!

Some might recall the set that I picked up from Derek himself at PAX Prime. They are indeed awesome and we’re delighted to be finally provide distribution for them.

But that’s not all; again, for those who haven’t heard the news, Attract Mode and Fangamer are proud to be the one and only distributor at PAX East of the critically acclaimed Metagame from Local No. 12!

They were a massive hit at GDC, and we’re all expecting a similar, enthusiastic response! And special thanks to Eric Zimmerman for help making it happen.

Can’t wait for Attract Mode and Fangamer to rock PAX, as we do every year!

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