Attract Mode 2.0 Is Finally Here, Finally NOW

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The circle is now complete; what was first announced almost a year ago has finally come to fruition. The reformation of Attract Mode!

Adam is perhaps the one best suited to give the official story. Also, that thing I kept I keep tiptoeing around? Can finally spill the beans.

In just a few short weeks, in Seattle, at PAX Prime, where 2.0 finally first fond its roots, is where we’ll be teaming up with our (business) partners in crime to throw a little party…

Details can be found here. And be sure to also check out Phil Fish’s super sexy mix tape!

Man, just a few hours in and the new Attract Mode is already blowin’ up. EDIT: Case in point, there’s also Cory’s heads up regarding Sound Shapes, which finally comes out tomorrow. I pre-ordered my copy already, did you?

Oh, and don’t forget: the store is also (finally) back up. So don’t just sit there, BUY SOMETHING!!!

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