“9 memories of their own composition about the Infant sexy Santa” Is The Name Of A Thing On YouTube, According To Google Translate

by Matthew Hawkins

I am happy to report that the second coming of Attract Mode has been warmly received! Everyone loves the new blog, and most importantly, everyone is buying stuff from the new store.

So time to let everyone in on a secret: it’s my plan to turn Attract Mode 2.0 into GameSetWatch 3.0, somewhat. The first step towards this was my rundown of game related Instagram pics from earlier today. BTW, here’s one that didn’t make the cut, mostly due to language. It’s also from Israel Sundseth?

But yeah, much like last year, when I was juggling both GameSetWatch and FORT90, this place will still get plenty of love (again, am mostly waiting for the redesign before going full speed ahead). It’ll just be the spot for the truly random and bizarre!

Anyhow, with Eric now part of Attract Mode, and maybe with some help from other members of the collective, I’m hoping that we can finally fill the hole that GSW’s absence left behind. Though when it comes to specifically Eric and I, we’re both are fairly busy dudes, so don’t expect seven updates a day like the good old days.

Though I did have something lined up for tomorrow, which I just decided to axe. Basically, Kotaku beat me to the punch; came across that same video, right before the Olympics, and was going to finally share it, but? guess the thing finally made the rounds.

In my original post, Flikli’s handiwork would have been the opener, and the closer was to be latest from a Japanese YouTube channel that’s called Sexy Santa News (I think). Because the only thing better than the Olympics in the form of finely crafted pixels, is the Olympics via insane machinima?

And here’s their most recent clip, the one with the ultra wacky name, cited at the top…

  • Jonathan Bilski

    what the Hell? cards againt humanity? I’ve been waiting to review that game for a week now,coming in the mail. first superpunch now you? stop saturating the media with things I enjoy

  • http://albotas.com/ brownkidd

    So pumped for GSW 3.0. You dudes were a huge inspiration for Albotas along with other dead blogs like Insert Credit. I’ve been wanting to start an Attract Mod-esque collective on the East Coast for a while now, but all the people doing things in my area are dudes who only care about Call of Duty and think niche games are for hipsters. Bleh.

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