Hey, That’s Me In The New York Times

by Matthew Hawkins

Sorry, no 2014 New York Comic Con report yet. Though believe it or not, the complimentary pop culture festival, Super Week, is actually still going on. It all wraps up this weekend with Hatsune Miku’s New York City debut… which I happening to be attending, later tonight!

But till then, real quick: here I am, alongside Peter Berkman, Dave Mauro, and the rest of Team A (or was it A Team?) at the Killer Queen tournament a few weeks back, which took place at Waka Waka, NYC’s brand new co-working space for indie game makers (it’s essentially the Big Apple equivalent of Bento Miso)…

… The New York Times wrote about the entire shindig, which you can check out here. And those will long memories know already that this marks my SECOND appearance in the Times! Whoever can name the first time gets a cookie. Actually, a random Xbox 360 or PS3 download code that I have lying around.

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Finally, Adam Bomb’s Story Is About To Be Told

by Matthew Hawkins

For starters, no 2014 New York Comic Con report as of yet, sorry. I’ve managed to finally catch up rest, but all those emails from last week? Nope!

Though I did finally file my interview with Michiteru Okabe, the producer of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which should be going up on Siliconera any day now (yes, even though I’ve officially retired from full-time games reporting, I’m still do things here and there).

Also, I’ve finally gotten the chance to crack open my first pack of Stupid Heroes, the latest trading card sensation from Joe Simko and company

… Am so stoked that I got a Mr. Baby Man! Would have been even better if Nick Furry was also included, but next pack I guess. BTW, here’s the original painting that was part of my ultra exclusive behind the scenes look earlier this summer…

Anyways, now that Stupid Heroes are finally out in the wild, what’s next for Wax Eye? Why, spearheading a lovingly detailed look at the bubble gum cards that all children of the 80s have a soft spot in their hearts for, and which was also a cornerstone of Americana back in the day as well, yet has also been largely dismissed or unappreciated by op culture historians.

Until now…

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids promises to present a cinematic treasure trove of the best bits of your childhood. Back when an innocent little sticker card, featuring a beautifully rendered illustration of a girl eating her boogers like it was a meal served by some five star Michelin chef, caused at least one parental authority in your life to seriously question your mental well being.

But something like an examination of the three-decade long history of Garbage Pail Kids doesn’t happen out of thin air. My pals, and yours, need some financial support to help make it all come together, which is why everyone should head on over to the documentary’s Indiegogo page and consider donating a few bones (especially since there are some killer incentives up for grabs).

I know I’m biased since I’m pals with the producers, Joe & June, but I’ve actually gotten a sneak peak at some of the interview footage, and trust me when I say that anyone who give’s a rats ass about the kids counterculture of the 80s, plus anti-establishment art as a whole, should seriously give 30 Years Of Garbage a look.

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The dust has officially settled on 2014 New York Comic Con and I have much to share! Unfortunately, it will all have to wait since I’m also supremely wiped out, plus I’m also way behind on important work related matters. So then, here’s a taste, and perhaps the one single image that perfectly encapsulates why NYCC weekend is perhaps my most favorite weekend of the entire year…

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