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Like oh so many other Metal Gear Solid fanboys out there, I’m beyond hyped for the pending release of The Phantom Pain! Despite the fact that David Hayter will not be doing the voice of Big Boss, let alone how it’s not the part 5 we’ve all wished for, i.e. the Cobra Unit infiltrating Normandy.

Still, am looking forward to all antics we’ve come to know and expect, plus love: sneaking around in cardboard boxes, taking down gigantic mecha, watching 30 minute long cut scenes, and… walking up & down ladders. An integral part of every Metal Gear experience.

Hence the video above, that some denizen of Select Button lovingly crafted:

“This is a tribute to the most stalwart of sentries, colossus in whose shadow the battle of generations rages, the mirror held up to society that reflects back the ugly descent to the next lowest floor or maintenance platform (whichever comes first).”

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The following post originally appeared on, on April 15, 2013.

I’m surprised it hasn’t made a bigger splash elsewhere, so may as well pass along the following: have you heard of MITSUDA? It’s tribute mix tape that’s dedicated to the one and only Yasunori Mitsuda. You know, the composer who helped to define what JRPGs should sound like? And almost single-handedly, via his Chrono Trigger score.

MITSUDA is the brainchild of Julian Wass, who previously tapped into Xenogears for Main Attrakionz’s Cloud Skatin. Besides featuring a who’s who from the hip hop and electronic music scenes, Derek did the cover! Best part? It’s a free download, so nab your copy here. Also, special thanks to Ryan Sands for the heads up.

Anyhow, since we’re talking about music anyway, may as well pass along a few related odds and ends…

- Back to the subject of mix tapes, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned Ventla already. He’s based in Japan and is “in the process of releasing 100 digital albums for free over the coming months or years.” Myself, Adam, and especially Asif are totally in love with the guy, and you honestly can’t go wrong any one of the 22 albums he’s released thus far.

His Tumblr is equally awesome; a few weeks back, he highlighted the soundtrack to the Famicom/NES version of Ultima 3: Exodus, which was composed Tsugutoshi Goto, who hails from the 80’s Japanese electronic scene. Here we have the arranged version of the game’s theme song, Knife of the Eye, sung by Noriko Hidaka…


Here’s another cut from the game’s arrange album. The uploader states: “I ripped this song from my old cassette tape, so sound quality is the worst.” And Ventla’s response pretty much encapsulates perfectly why I dig his taste in music and body of work as a whole: “I do love this hiss and hollowness.”


- Sticking with Japan; I’m heavily into chiptunes, as well as giant robots. And it’s not often in which the two intersect, which is why why Studio Me-Gaane is especially awesome (and you can depend upon Mecha Damashii to be the first to report on it, as is the case here).

It’s either some person in Japan, or a few couple of people, who create 8bit covers of mecha anime, mostly the classics, like Gundam, Macross, and Patlabor, as well as some contemporary staples, like Evangelion…


You’ll also find covers of non-mecha anime, like Ranma 1/2, and even some American shows, like the X-Files?

- Remember my Instagram dump right before Christmas, in which I showed a pic of chiptunerBatsly Adams with two different Sega Nomads? Well, apparently, one of them is used for just visuals. And here he is showing everyone how such a device can be used to do such a thing:

- While on the subject of visuals, I also need to give a shout out to the phenomenal chiptunes coverage that has been gracing Tiny Cartridge as of late, largely due to the efforts of Dannel Jurado. Perhaps my most favorite highlight from him is from last month, which shows off how banging the Montreal chip scene has become…


- And finally, another great place to keep abreast of game related tunes is Original Sound Version. Their
most recent post asks if the following slice of smooth jazz has hints of Mega Man 2. Specifically the 1:30 mark. You be the judge…


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The following post originally appeared on, on April 10, 2013.

The response to the Comics Vs. Games 2 reveal has been incredible. So happy to hear that everyone’s just as psyched about Attract Mode’s upcoming return to Toronto as we are! BTW, have you seen the pieces for the art show that’s been making the rounds on Tumblr? A full rundown of participants involved will be disclosed soon, but in the meanwhile, at least you all know that Jovo Ve, Corey Lewis, and Natasha Allegri are included.

Back to Toronto; that city is simply the best. Been dying to return, the very moment Comics Vs. Games 1 wrapped up (feel free to search my blog for my detailed report). Not only is everyone super friendly, but the indie game scene is on fire (as evidenced by the just released Guacamelee, which is an early game of 2013 contender in my book), plus its various other art scenes are equally hawt. Speaking of…

Just found out that Diego Bergia’s LEPOS arcade project has been updated. Was introduced to the cancelled SNES game from an alternate universe by Annie Koyama, who published the accompanying art book; last wrote about it for GameSetWatch, back when it was first looking to become a real deal, playable game. The self-professed graffiti artist/independent animator/arcade enthusiast shared the video above last week, along with the following:

Whenever I’m in New York my home base is the Lower East Side, so for this next little teaser I chose the iconic Arlene’s Grocery as a backdrop. More importantly though, this clip introduces the one and only Bronx King CES to the LEPOS arcade project. Along with REVOK and GIANT, I’ve got three legendary motherfuckers down with this. BIG shoutout to them. Thank you!

Be sure to check Bergia’s Vimeo page for additional morsels of the upcoming game.

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