Yes, I Am Still Alive

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

And yes, I know this blog has been totally deadsville as of late. Sorry about that.

Not only is my PAX East report now way, way overdue, I have both NYU and TCAF to talk about as well (though I did post pics over at Attract Mode, here and here). Also need to file a recap of Subway Cinema’s Return Of The Old School Kung Fu Fest, finally spill some of the beans regarding the iOS game I’m designing, plus chat about everything else in between.

Was actually going to get the ball rolling earlier this afternoon, but after wishing Jon and his wife Sabrina off, I basically crashed and just woke up; played tour guide over the weekend, which meant taking them to Columbia University, Central Park, Fifth Ave, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Times Square, the East Village, the West Village, SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy, Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Williamsburg, Grand Central, plus the Lower East Side.

And along the way we checked out various toy stores and comic shops, notable water holes and eateries, even a Broadway show. Yet somehow managed to squeeze in viewings of both Miami Connection and GETEVEN as well! Was genuinely impressed that they were able to keep up. Anyhow, this is my first time in front of a computer in the past 72 hours, which also means I’m hella behind on work as well, so can’t stay long (though, realistically, am just going to post some stuff on Instagram and maybe go back to sleep).

In the meanwhile, here’s a photo from a few weeks back, from my most recent stay in Toronto, with myself and my favorite Norwegian comics and zine collective, aka Dongery, Dongery, Dongery, Dongery, Dongery, Dongery, Dongery, Dongery

… Be sure to check out their rendering of the Attract Mode logo as a dude with a hot dog on his head here. At any rate, am hoping finally tackle PAX East 2013 in the new few days, but it’s highly doubtful since I also have to get ready for LA & E3 next week. Oy vey.

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