What Blanka Would Look Like If He Was Korean

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

It’s been an interesting week to say the least…

This was going to be the first official post from my new home. The Great White North, aka Toronto, Canada to be exact. Instead I’m still here in New York City. Was actually in Toronto earlier this week, for all of six hours. Due to “complications at the border”, I was forced to head back to the US of A.

The exact reasons are rather, well, complicated; even though no one has advised me to do so, I’m going to keep the details offline, at least until my immigrations woes have been cleared. So, until then… how about another installment of totally random, video game-related theater?

- First, want to what know my biggest beef with opening ceremonies at the Sochi Winter Games was? No Russian dolls, no Yakov Smirnoff, and especially no Tetris! Thankfully the closing ceremonies for the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games fixed the latter omission:

- Kotaku recently posted an article about how the Famicom Disk System works (they suggest it could be what helps the ailing Wii U). Anyhow, one of the accompanying vids is a clip of the Disk Writing software in action, and in typical Nintendo fashion, it’s mighty cute:

- On a similar note, Kotaku also recently posted a bunch of Japanese commercials for all their consoles over the years. Many are awesome, but this one for the Arcadia 2001 is perhaps my favorite, if not for the two super cute (and minds ‘a blown) kids:

- Here’s a music video I posted on the Attract Mode blog, which I spotted on Twitter, but didn’t realize that said person originally saw it on Tiny Cart, hence why the post deleted after only going live for five minutes (so only maybe 2 people noticed; be sure to check out Tiny Cart’s link for the proper way to watch the vid, btw):

- So I’m a Mac guy; though I have Windows install on my MBP whenever I feel the need to play some games (though I end up spending half the time installing the latest update). Note to self; next time I boot into Win7 to play Shoot the Bullet, should also install this Shenmue screensaver:

- I don’t know what’s sillier; someone recreating Seinfeld’s apartment for the Oculus Rift, or the fact that the following vid doesn’t have music from the show:

- Time for an oldie but goodie, though mostly cuz I’ve had the Korean live-action Street Fighter 2 theme stuck in my head for the past week, please God make it stop:

- And finally, a question: have you ever modded your console? If no, is it because you find the technical side of things a bit intimidating? Well, the key to that is to start small and work your way up. And his most certainly is the tiniest of first steps:

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