Well, Either That Or A Triangle Made From A Game Gear, Or A Cowbell Fashioned From An Atari Lynx

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Maybe everyone knows the deal by now? It’s Friday, the end of perhaps another long and difficult week; the weekend’s just a few hours away, yet it feels like eternity. So how about another batch of totally random, totally wacky game vids to help one decompress? And to kick things off…

- I love chip tunes to death. I also love having the distinction of being the only person, at least around these parts, who loves 8bit music yet is not compelled to make any himself, according to Glomag (point being, there are a LOT of chiptuners in NYC; it’s not a criticism, just an observation). Anyhow, here’s the trailer for a new documentary on the Euro chip scene. Hope to see it later this weekend, and that there’s plenty of Jeroen Tel:

- Though if I ever was to attempt to hit the stage at Pulsewave, instead of a Game Boy, I’d use this modified Famicom cartridge, as originally highlighted by Tiny Cart some time ago:

- Sticking with game/music, here’s something else that also made the rounds (but perhaps there’s other out there who missed it the first time around). It’s an adaptation of Steve Reich’s Six Pianos, but with Pac-Man, called appropriately enough: Six Pacmen:

- Kotaku recently posted the following curiosity; it’s an old Tom and Jerry that’s been completely redone with Touhou Project characters. Quite bizarre:

- While on the subject of cartoons, one popular fairly popular YouTube channel that you probably know about already is Did You Know Gaming. And it’s great! Though I’m starting to like the spin off Did You Know Voice Acting a bit better. Here’s an example:

- Staying with the Blue Bomber for just a sec, Destructoid tells us that the original commercial for the very first Rockman title in Japan, is now available on YouTube in a complete/non-sh*tty looking form:

- The following, courtesy of Vice, isn’t very video game related at all. Some dude put lights on the back of a Roomba and let it go all over the place while filming it with a camera set to a long exposure. But am posting it anyway cuz A. I’m clearly running low on my cache of totally random, totally wacky game vids, and B. said dude has a Neo Geo MVS in his place, and that’s pretty neat (below a full decked out Astro City would be my dream arcade set-up, but since I lack the technical prowess of Dave Mauro, a Neo Geo cab is my second choice):

- And finally, something nice and long, enough to literally last you until the weekend (also to make up for the fact that I won’t be able to post videos next week, since I’ll be in Boston next week, for PAX East); a nine hour long supercut of the attract mode/start screen of every single Super Nintendo game in existence. Enjoy:

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