VHYES? NO? MAYBE? (probably, actually)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

First off, yes, am still around. It’s been… you know… crazy times, as usual. What else is new? Lots actually! But more on that later.

Before I forget: here we have the trailer to VHYES, which I first saw at the most recent Video Vortex. And…

First off, I’m not entirely sue of what the plot, though I have a decent guess, based upon clues provided from trailer. I suppose I could investigate, given the clues that are provided, but this definitely feels like something one should go in blind.

But secondly… speaking as a VHS fanboy, this is the first instance of something that taps into that to make me go “I dunno…” And that’s not indicative of the perceived quality of the movie. Which looks very good actually.

I just have to wonder if the novelty has worn off for me? Which means this film will have to work extra hard to impress. And maybe the filmmakers knew that and do so already? At the very least… as a State fanboy, I’m also partly sold anyway.

Guess I’ll have to find out when I get the chance to see the whole thing!

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