Two Cities, Two Shows, Part Two: Toronto & TCAF (From The Attract Mode Archive: #054)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on April 26, 2013.

Time to detail the second leg of Attract Mode’s upcoming two city/two show tour. And what’s after New York City and NYU? Why, Toronto and TCAF, to help celebrate Comics Vs. Games 2!

We went over the basics a couple weeks back, but time for some finer details. As well as a sneak peek as some of the stunning pieces that our pals have produced for this year’s Comics Vs. Games Gallery.

The above is somewhat a sequel to the runaway hit from Comics Vs. Games 1, and has Kyle Fewell combining his two greatest loves yet again: video games and cats. But what else does this year’s show have in store? Let’s see…

Natasha Allegri:

Corey Lewis:

Kris Mukai:

Zac Gorman:

Daniel Dussault:

Jovo Ve:

Asif Siddiky:

… Sorry, but you’ll have to head on over to Asif’s Tumblr to get a closer look and see who the heck is who. Or you can simply give it your best guess, over at Kotaku! Anyways, that’s just a taste; the entire rundown of participants is as follows:

Natasha Allegri, Lindsay Collins, Ashely Davis, Daniel Dussault, Jacob Ferguson, Kyle Fewell, Chris Furniss, Zac Gorman, Corey Lewis, Giannis Milonogiannis, Kris Mukai, Maré Odomo, John Pham, Aleth Romanillos, Asif Siddiky, Jacob Smiley, and Jovo Ve.

Every piece from every artist, be it a limited edition print or some other physical object, will be available for purchase for sale throughout TCAF weekend. Which kicks off with the official Comics Vs. Games 2 Opening Night Party!

Mark the date, time, and location: Thursday, May 9th at 7pm, at Comics Vs. Games’ new home, Bento Miso. The address is #100 – 862 Richmond St W, just a block or so south of Queen St W in downtown Toronto. Did I mention that there will be plenty of pizza and beer? Plus how it’s totally free? And is there a Facebook event page? But of course.

Don’t forget, the opening is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s also the Bit Bazaar the following Saturday, May 11, from noon-8pm. It’s Bento Miso’s zine fair meet arcade, and should further prove to the world that when it comes to the indie game scene, Toronto is the place to be.

The full list of exhibitors can be found here and includes CAPY, Drinkbox Studios, Spooky Squid Games, Christine Love, Emily Carroll & Damian Sommer, plus so many more. We’ll also have a table, selling a number of good from the store, along with goodies that have yet to make their presence known!

Meanwhile, at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival proper, is the Comics Vs. Games Showcase, presented by The Hand Eye Society. The games that they’re curating have been detailed here; all four will be playable at TCAF’s main location for the entire weekend, which is the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street.

Oh, and there’s actually something else that might be happening, but I’ve been asked to keep my lips sealed, at least for the time being. So stay tuned? One last thing: if you can’t make it up to Toronto, the CVG2 prints should go on sale the same weekend as the show. Fingers crossed! Again, these next couple of weeks are gonna be CRAZY.

Comics Vs. Games 2 is a Toronto Comics Arts Festival event sponsored by Bento Miso and co-organized with The Hand Eye Society and Attract Mode.

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