“this is the stuff nightmares are made of you guys”

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

… According to Maurie Foulston. And she’s entitled to her opinion.

So! In an effort to keep this thing somewhat regularly updated, I present the following, courtesy of Cory

No doubt it’s a related to my current obsession, which once again, is SammyClassicSanicFan. Though he’s now going by the handle SammyTanookiGamer, mostly due to the Sonic fanbase finally driving him over the edge. Also, he’s 15 year old, or so he claims.

Bonus video time! And long story short: my buddy Joe is easily the biggest Alien Nation fan I personally know. Though he’s also the ONLY Alien Nation fan I know as well. Anyhow, last night he showed the following, and noted how shocked he was that it wasn’t already a part of my wacky media collection.

It’s basically the most insane thing ever…

Remember: the above was actually on national television, believe it or not. Also, if you wish to the see the Tenctonese-ian miracle of birth, or should I say the latter half, simply kick back with a carton of sour milk and click here.

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