The Past 24 Hours…

by Matthew Hawkins

? has been fairly noteworthy, especially the past couple alone. Highlights include:

- While on the subway earlier tonight, some teenage girl went totally nuts and stuck tampons all over the walls and doors. It freaked the hell out of one female passenger, an older woman, who was clearly disgusted with the youth of today. All I can is, at least they were brand new and not used!

- The purpose of the trip was The Tank‘s Christmas party, at their new location, on 46th Street. Got to catch up with Nullsleep and Bit Shifter, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, and that was super rad. Besides being living legends of the chiptune scene, not just in New York but across the world, they’re like the nicest, sweetest guys I know. Not surprisingly, with Jeremiah, the subject of Venezuelan food came up.

Specifically the Venezuelan sandwich shop that he used to frequent when we were neighbors, and which I now brag about (since it seriously is one of the best eat on the entire island). Jeremiah took Adam and I there, after Heavenly Symphony last year, for a midnight snack. Adam has been looking for an equivalent in LA ever since, but I believe he hasn’t found one yet.

Not only was tentative lunch plans made, since Jeremiah’s back in the area somewhat, thanks to a temp gig at Columbia University, but I was able to congratulate him on preserving a piece of the internet. The other day he renewed the domain for the Geocities Memorial for another four years! Take my advice and keep hitting refresh till you get Lum dancing to either “All That She Wants” or “Better Off Alone”, in glorious midi of course.

And with Josh, was able to commiserate over how living in the Big Apple can really wear a person down after a while. I’m about to hit my 16-year mark, and Josh is almost at 17. But aside from the fact that I?d go nuts anywhere else (sorry west coast peeps that we me to relocate there, not happening anytime soon), NYC still has its moments. Aside from the crazy girl with the tampons earlier that evening, there was also?

- Once back home, decided to get some Chinese food around the corner (had Venezuelan for lunch already). And while waiting for my chow fun, someone completely out of the blue walked in: Isaiah ?Triforce? Johnson! He had just returned from Jersey, via the GW Bridge (I live practically next door to it), where he conducted some kind of interview with a podcast, regarding the VGAs (Triforce was actually in attendance), and was picking up some grub for the train ride back to Brooklyn.

I ask what his opinion of the show was exactly, and it was largely positive. You see, most of the actual good stuff was not shown, due to time constraints and the like (including how corny internet hijinks simply makes for better television). Furthermore, regarding the whole tea-bagging nonsense, Triforce actually placed the blame (partly) on gamers for coming up with it in the first place, and therefore giving the hacks who script the VGAs something to chew on. Interesting viewpoint to say the least.

I also asked what he thought about the King of Chinatown, which had recently been making headlines, specifically how he’s portrayed in the movie. Ultimately, I need to see the thing myself to totally see where Trifocre was coming from, but he explained to me how he was unfairly painted as the bad guy, when the focus and the intent of the project had morphed by the end. The later often happens, especially in documentaries, when the unexpected occurs.

Yet I also know that they’re still vehicles for directors to tell a story, who will sometimes manipulate the truth to suit his or her needs. Though in this particular case, there’s apparently a LOT of it, as does Triforce, especially now. At least he’s taking it in stride, and hopes he was the best bad guy possible.

- The latest Fangamer podcast is finally live. As noted last time, it goes over all the headlines from the month of November, plus a little from December, since it was recorded a week and half into things. It might be my favorite episode thus far because I think I’m finally getting into the groove of things!

BTW, thanks to Dave for lending me his headset; I sound much better than I have before (in which I was using the headset and mic that comes with the iPhone), but I still say “ugh” way too often. Still working on that. Also, everyone needs to listen because I actually break some legit news!!! Plus I bitch about the PlayStation Vita version of Uncharted.

- So late last night, after watching The Truth Behind Metal Gear Rising (an absolute must watch, btw, and not just for Kojima fan boys and girls, but anyone interested in the creative process, regardless of the discipline), I had an epiphany.

In addition to Skyward Sword, I’ve also been playing Peace Walker, via the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, been watching Metal Gear Solid 2 Bande Dessinee, which is an animated version of the Ashley Wood MGS comic, with the Japanese cast from the games providing the voices, was thinking of replaying Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, and had spent a decent amount of time on the recently re-launched website.

So I then decided to ask Cory a question, via Twitter, and next thing you know, there’s going to be a Metal Gear zine! It’s a ways off; I still have to finish FORT90ZINE4ANSWER, plus Cory has plenty of his plate as well. Though hopefully we can get something started by spring of next year? That’s when we’ll be making the call for submissions and the such, though already, we’ve got something! Courtesy of Olly Jones?

Oh, and it goes without saying that everyone who donated to my Kickstarter, for the FORT90ZINE #4, will get a free copy! It’s the least I can do such a long wait.

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