The New Me

by Matthew Hawkins

As noted a few times already, this place is getting a long overdue facelift. Nothing dramatic (I still enjoy being called “that guy with the blue site”), just bringing things up to code. Though there will be some fairly significant changes.

Like a new bio pic. Joe‘s Garbage Pail Kids-inspired portrait has served me well, for 8 years to be exact. So it’s about time for something new and fresh. I asked Sweet Rot for an updated version, but the dude is too busy these days, making actual GPK cards! And his own stuff.

A few other close friends, whose work I also admire, were then called upon. And in the end, it was Lamar who answered the challenge! So because I’m still not 100% when the next iteration of fort90.com will debut, but mostly because it’s so damn awesome, how about I share it now?

Some of you have seen it already; been replacing the green chair on all the social networking channels I frequent all day today. Which, btw, was originally found on Newstoday, almost a decade ago as well (for those who have asked; sadly, I have no idea who it’s by and where it’s from).

Was a massive hit on Facebook. Too bad all the thumbs up and nice words that it accumulated mysteriously vanished early this evening (cuz Facebook is cool like that). But if you’re reading this Lamar, everyone loves it! And once again, thank you SO much!!!

Anyhow, another big change that some folks should maybe know about? primarily those that has ever referred to a specific blog entry? is something that shall be very “Marvel Comics-like”. I’ll say no more until the time is right!

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