“The Joys Of Hygiene”: New York Comic 2011 Part 2

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

All right, time for round two of the New York Comic Con 2011! For those who missed them, here’s part one. And once again, the fine photographic acumen that you’ll be seeing on display is courtesy of Emi Spicer! I also have some pics of my own as well; it’ll be fairly obvious as to which pics belong to who.

Anyhow, and as expected, Saturday was jam packed with everyone in their finest convention attire. Perhaps my favorite that day, and maybe from the entire show, was Tron Bonne?

Supermen and Batmen are dime a dozen at such functions, but Plastic Man? Not so much!

With the one hottest things this year, without question, was Adventure Time?

Hey, it’s Hollywood Hulk Hogan and CM Punk!

And gaming’s favorite transgendered or hermaphrodite (I’ve lost track at this point, and kinda don’t care anymore), Poison?

I often try not to be get involved, but in this case of Ico here, how could I not?

Some gaming swag we missed the day before; gotta say, I would like Ratchet, or Ratchet & Clank fame, so much more if he looked the same in the games as he does here…

Aside from the aforementioned Skinner X Alex Pardee zine, my other big purchase at the show was the ultra limited edition Steff Bomb X ESC-Toy plush arcade cabinet, which some might recall me mentioning before on GSW?

On a related note, check out this super colossal huge arcade cabinet?

?. It’s not the world’s biggest, but the guy who runs ArcadeDLX is in the middle of putting one that actually will be, back in his home base in Chicago. He showed me work in progress pics via his iPhone; it was hilariously gigantic. Speaking of, Emi couldn’t get over how big this woman’s breasts were?

? Until I had to explain to her how she’s supposed to be Power Girl, and having a large upper body was part of the character! Anyhow, just as impressive?

Dark Helmet!

It’s the Mario Brothers with Totoro. Why? Why not?

This girl was quite ecstatic that I actually got what she was supposed to be, which was female Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Apparently, this dude dressed as Bane, cracking Batman’s back? Old high school chum of Emi’s?

On that note, it’s always funny running into familiar faces at any con?

The last people on earth I expected to run into was Fitz and Martha, yet lo and behold?

SEIBEI was once again pimping those fine threads of his, along with his male companion?

Speaking of Daves I know, that’s where I found yet another at the First Second table, along with Colleen?

And here he is, with the aforementioned autographing of Astronaut Academy?

What was the hottest anime-related cosplay at the show? Not surprisingly, Madoka?

It’s unfortunate you can’t see this guy dressed up as Cut Man’s scissor head, but trust me, it was awesome?

Speaking of, some additional Mega Man cosplay, featuring Tron Bonne from before yet again?.

? I would run into her again at the Mega Man Legends booth later that weekend.

Believe it or not, the one costume that elicited the strongest reaction had to be the aliens from Sesame Street! I literally squealed with delight upon first glance, which was immediately followed by “EMI, TAKE A PICTURE, TAKE A PICTURE!!!”

Unfortunately, by this point, it was time for my photographer to end her services. She had a party to go to, and no doubt, she had enough of the Jacob Javits, packed to the gill with sweaty dorks (it was getting that point in the day in which the funk was becoming unavoidable) for one year. Hey, it takes time to build up a tolerance.

Thankfully, on her way out, we ran into our pal Michelle, as Rei Ayanami as a bunny! And of course, I had to get in on the action?

Alright, time for some additional pics, courtesy of my noticeably crappy camera! These were most of these were taken after Emi had left, though a few are from when I was waiting for her. Cuz that’s were I ran into of the true greats from the world of anime, Kaneda?

I am such a sucker for clearly home made Iron Man suits, and this guy’s take on the Mark 5/suitcase suit from the second movie, simply rocked my world?

It’s female Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Harley Quinn: b-fries!

I can’t say I’ve ever encountered a Shi’ar cosplayer first-hand, nor seen one from any other show?

Again, Adventure Time was a huge hit among the kids?

This guy’s Mad Eye Moody was pretty nifty?

It’s Wander, and he/she’s looking for some Colossi action?

Ron Burgundy!

Yet another anime icon, Haruko?

As previously noted, Minecraft was also pretty popular among game-centric costumers?

Like I also said before, Transformers had a major presence at the show. In addition to pimping several new lines of toys, there’s also the new MMO. Too bad it looks awful?

Though looking like crap for altogether reasons was Ubisoft’s Black Eyed Peas game, which was such a shameless Dance Central rip-off that I simply couldn’t believe my eyes?

? Yet the word that it’s actually a product by iNis, the makers of Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents was the most distressing thing of all. But hey, we all gotta pay the bills, I hear that.

Anyhow, the last photo of day three/two was of the upcoming Miku Hachune X Virtual On figure?

So the true highlight of New York Comic 2011 was its own take on speed taking, dubbed Sci-Fi Speed Dating. I had heard about it, but was unsure what the hell it was about, and after getting the details at long last, I simply knew it would be the story of year over at Guysim!

Day two for me/day three of the show ended with myself and Derrick, who had assumed the role of my convention companion by this point(such things are always more enjoyable with a pal? too bad if there’s more than two people, things can get complicated, especially when roaming crowded show floors), bearing witness to the proceedings, and it was? a total trip to say the least. Unfortunately, haven?t had the chance to pen the tale quite yet. But I assure you, it’s on its way, especially since? again, all will be clear soon! I’ll be sure to pass along the link once it’s live.

Day three/four was pretty uneventful. Either my final round of press appointments and one last check of stuff that I had missed. Like props from Iron Man 2 that was stumbled upon, while on route to the collectable card game playing part of the show?

? As already noted, I absolutely LOVE that movie! Anyhow, that’s where most of the autograph sessions were going down, including Colleen and Stephanie, for their latest Guinea Pig book?

That’s also where I ran into Chell, with a potato?

A little bit further was some real life Quidditch taking place. Was fairly interested in seeing it first-hand, though I do agree with Joe and June when they described as essentially lacrosse. They didn’t even bother to wear any robes! EDIT: Instead of the crappy pic from before, here’s footage that I totally forgot that I had?

What’s cuter than a kid dressed as Wolverine, playing the new Avengers 3DS game? Not much comes to mind, really?

Nice to see Beetle Bailey and Popeye get some love from designer toy folks?

Nearby was a gigantic set-up to celebrate Godzilla. Too bad this is the only pic that came out halfway decent?

The Savage Dragon!!!

Speaking of comics, the next time I visit home, I definitely digging through my old long box, and bringing this baby back?

These folks were actually promoting what could be best described as the live-action Rocky Horror Show, but with Ghostbusters, which is about a billion times more interesting in my book. Also helping his how the girl controlling Slimer is kinda cute?

My absolute last pic of the show? Viewtiful Joe with his huge ass canon?

Guess that’s about it? NYCC 2011 was certainly far more low-key compared to previous installments, which again I totally didn’t mind. For everyone else, seemed just as hustle and bustle as always, if not more so. While it still has a way to goes with catching up with the San Diego version, it’s still doing mighty fine for itself.

Am definitely looking forward to NYCC 2012! Along with the chance to finally hit the stage once again, if they’ll have me this time. I’ll be sure to give the green lit to write your congressman (or to pester the event’s organizers)! Till then?

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