“The Insane Clown Posse was right; magnets ARE something truly special!”: Toy Fair 2012 Part 2

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

For those who missed part one. So, where was I? Oh yeah: Mario and company could be found in various corners of the show floor (though, oddly enough, I barely saw any WWE merch)?

And here we have a Sackboy pimping his publisher’s new toy (and I know plenty are excited for the Vita version of LittleBigPlanet)?

One of the more interesting things I stumbled across was a special attachment for a faucet that allows one to make water balloons super easily?

? Unfortunately, the Chinese guy pimping it was only interested in dealing with distributors, and couldn’t have given a rat’s ass about talking to members of the press. Oh well.

A recurring theme I noticed throughout was stuffed animals that were round. Either entirely so, or just their bodies, like these bloated ponies?

? Who also looked high?

Just rows and rows of little, plastic cars?

Speaking of wheels, there’s not a whole lot to say here?

It’s the same for any trade event, but you will be amazed at the crap that people are trying to sell at Toy Fair?

? Or at the very least, by the means in which some choose to sell their wares?

To mark the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers in America, they had a super huge Red Ranger at the front of the convention center?

Another favorite discovery this year was the Puppet Heap Playthings, a series of super high quality puppets by an outfit that is located in New Jersey. I’m a sucker for homegrown talent?

In addition to creating your own adventures, Puppet Heap has vignettes of their own and that are online, but only accessible via special codes that come with each character (again, cannot stress enough how awesome they are). Which you can see in the back; everything was shot in their backyard of Hoboken!

I have tons of little figurines and the like that I’m looking to unload, but also have fun doing so in the process, hence why the following looks so interesting?

Here we have a full body dragon outfit, from head to toe, for a little girl. Note the hands, which are also dragons?

Speaking of, check out this gigantic dragon, made entirely out of old Mountain Dew boxes and Pringles containers?

It was the highlight of the Makedo booth. You may have seen their kits at educational toy stores and museums?

Each contains various tools to allow one to assemble all sorts of wacky creations, made entirely out of cardboard boxes and cups, thanks to their specially engineered cutting tool and pins. Like this robot?

Unfortunately, even the most baseline starter kit is pretty expensive, like around $30-40. But at least cardboard is relatively cheap! Actually, no, it’s not.

Hey look, a monkey!

Yo-yo’s are serious business!

I personally would never wear the following in a million years, but I’m sure others out there would feel otherwise?

I feel odd saying this, but I’ve completely let this Skylanders craze pass me by. Granted, it’s mostly geared for kids, but I should still know more about the video game that I already do?

Other than Spyro being involved, I know virtually nothing. I’m just amazed that someone was able to breath new life into him, after all this time, and now he’s more popular (and profitable) than ever before?

At the top of my list of favorite things at Toy Fair 2012 was the Nanodots?

It’s simply a collection of magnetized little balls, but man, you can do a LOT with them! Like make them behave in all sorts of wacky manner, or simply create super cool constructs. The following, btw, is made of 2,304 individual Nanodots?

One of my final stops was the Think Geek both, where they had a TON of Portal paraphernalia. Hey, whatever makes money, right?

They also had the iCade 8-Bitty, which I’ve already gone over at In-Game on MSNBC. And finally, last but not least, what Toy Fair report is complete without dolls! Usually I concentrate on Harry Potter ones, but this time, how about Tron Legacy?

Alas, I could find no updated model based upon Hermione, but Quorra will do just fine.

? And I guess that pretty much wraps it up? Next time, your first link dump of the new year. Get ready!

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