The Future of Video Games Is Now Officially Brighter

by Matthew Hawkins

We did it! The LA Game Space Kickstarter has successfully met its goal! When asked how he felt about finally reaching such a truly epic milestone, after exhausting so much blood, sweat, and tears, my Attract Mode broheim (and co-director of LA/GS) simply had this to say…

… Actually, the above is just cheap way to show off my iPhone’s animu-tastic wallpaper that I’m currently rocking. But anyway, it’s a dream come true, not just for Adam and Daniel, but for all of us who have long wished for a place where the true potential of video games can be finally realized. Great job guys!

Though there’s still some time left to donate if you haven’t done so already. I can’t believe I forgot to mention last time how just FIVE DOLLARS down gets you the latest game from Keita Takashashi (you know, the creator of Katamari Damacy; he’s teaming up with Adam Saltsman, otherwise known as the dude behind Canabalt)!

Let alone how the LA/GS Game Pack, which is $15 for 30 brand new games (including the much anticipated collaboration between Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time and Bennet Foddy, otherwise known as the dude behind QWOP), has been expanded to include several indie classics, including one of my all time favorites, Noitu Love 2!

Guess they were somewhat easy to forget, given all the other cool incentives up for grabs, like the recently unveiled and “I still can’t believe how awesome it is” Meat But shirt (which I added after the fact to last night’s update, earlier this morning). But yeah, you officially have three days left to help insure the future of video games, for the next generation.

Speaking of, something else I forgot to pass along yesterday: here’s a pic of an old high school chum’s kids, trying their best to play games like how their dad used to…

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