Super Mario, Drunk And Eating Fried Chicken, Probably Somewhere In Brooklyn (From The Attract Mode Archive: #018)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on October 31, 2012.

It’s October 31, a day I look forward to each and every year. Mostly because I’m a big fan of cosplay, and it’s when non-gamer/comic book/animu dorks play dress up as well!

Unfortunately, Halloween has been effectively cancelled here in NYC, or the big Halloween Parade to be exact. The first time in its 39-year history, due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, understandably.

It’s honestly not worth complaining about, given what the city has gone through, and what we’re all currently struggling with. Though I will say that I’ve had to cancel my planned trip to Barcade in Brooklyn, which was to check out its latest edition for the holiday.

Instead, I present the photo above, taken by Chris Person. Which was going to be saved for my next Instagram dump, but since it’s about the topic at hand… BTW, a few other Halloween notes:

- Tis the season when the subject of scary games comes up, and often or not, Sweet Home is included in the conversation. It’s Capcom’s very first take on survival horror, for the Famicom, which directly lead to the formation of Resident Evil.

Much has been said already, but Tokyo Scum Bridage‘s write-up is easily the one you should read the most. In addition to the game, you have juicy tidbits concerning the movie it was based upon, by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the best J-horror director of them all IMHO.

- Tis also the season for game sales, and you have plenty of options at your disposal, though I’d personally recommend the previously mentioned They Bleed Pixels. Mostly due to the fact that the sale price is almost as scary as the game itself; it’s 66.6% off.

Plus there’s a special “All Hallows’ Eve” level included, in which all the enemies you kill earns you candy. The sale lasts only till Nov 1; pick your copy up, via Steam, here.

- And finally, something that I just stumbled across. Am betting it’s all the rage (sorry, but internet is spotty in my neck of the woods, due to the storm, so I’m not on top of the internet like usual), since it’s a pumpkin that’s been modded to play Tetris. Enjoy.

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