Splatter University, Class of 1984… The 25 Year Reunion

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

I interrupt your regularly scheduled installment of the “Attract Mode Archive” to say… Save the date: Friday May 24. Also, remember these times: 7:30pm & 10:00pm. Why? Well…

Fun-fact: Chris Burke, aka glomag, before he became one of true godfathers of the NYC chiptune scene, used to score music low budget horror flicks. Okay, maybe that’s not a total surprise, at least to anyone familiar with Confessions Of An 80s Low Budget Horror Film Composer.

Anyhow, one such film was Splatter University, directed by Richard W. Haines. A rather obscure gem in Troma’s catalogue, it was recently restored by Vinegar Syndrome, and to celebrate the release of the Blu-ray, there’s going to be a screening at my fave indie screening room in the city, Spectacle Theater.

But not just any screening; Chris will also be performing his remastered/remixed original soundtrack live, alongside the movie. On top of all that will be a panel, including Chris and other individuals who worked on Splatter U, with yours truly serving as the host!

Perhaps some of you might recall Chris performing at my very first event, some 9 years ago (Jesus Christ) and I’m beyond honored to be collaborating once again. And I’m especially proud that it’s taking place at the Spectacle, which is where I’ve discovered SO many fave flicks, including Roar, Angst, and Doomed Love. Anyone who knows me also knows my love for films, and I owe a LOT to Spectacle in this regard.

Oh, I also need to give a special shout out to Jessen Jurado; Splatter University X Spectacle Theater is technically the latter half of a two-part celebration. Part one was the most recent showcase from I/O Chip Music, which is Jessen’s baby, at Pine Box…

… You can see more pics here. But once again, May 24TH, BROOKLYN, SEE YOU THEN!

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