Nick Fury (Nor Sam Jackson) Has Never Looked Cuter

by Matthew Hawkins

Remember the big announcement I was teasing, at the very end of yesterday? Well, that?ll have to wait just a tiny bit more, because as promised in the very beginning of that same post?

As noted late last week, was invited to a Tokidoki fashion event. Was mostly anticipating figures and the such, hence the invite in the first place. But was immediately reminded that Tokidoki was originally (and still is primarily) a clothing brand.

It also centered on women’s accessories for the most part, like beauty products and jewelry. Which obviously isn’t my cup of tea, though fun fact: the upcoming Tokidoki Barbie will be the first time she’s ever had tattoos! So I concerned myself with this fall’s new line up of shirts.

Naturally, I mostly gravitated towards their latest assortment of Tokidoki X Marvel apparel. And once again, excuse the poor quality of the images; the lighting conditions were quite poor, which wrecked havoc for both my iPhone and regular camera?

I really dig the women’s line especially?

They also recently launched a new line called TKDK, which obviously is a reference to DKNY. So people in LA, does everyone wear this stuff?

There was a few figures to be found. These are from some new line I believe?

There was also this Karl Lagerfeld colab. I asked them what was inside the box, but the PR woman giving me the tour refused to tell me, and instead, insisted that I go to the Tokidoki pop up store in SoHo to find out for myself?

? Meaning that it’s already an item that is available to the public, hence why her attempt to be playful was pretty annoying quite honest. Anyhow, you also had their line of skateboards?

And finally, my favorite part, their line-up of caps, with the Nick Fury one being the best of the bunch, IMHO?

As a parting gift, I was given a fancy Tokidoki bag filled with high end tissue paper (I repeat, high end tissue paper), and deep inside, aside from a bunch of catalogs, was a tiny little blind box, from their brand new line of Tokidoki unicorns.

I remember the PR woman making a big deal, about me being so lucky to be one of the first people to get their hands on such a thing. And? the box was completely empty. There had been something inside, but it had been snatched already. lulz.

And to add the weirdness of the day, not 5 minutes after the event, I got a text from Hilary informing me of the existence of this?

? Just noticed the “Fagnamer” part. Hmm. Thanks Alex. Anyhow, next time, some BIG news, promise!

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