Toronto Comic Art Festival 2012 & Comics vs Games

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

I will be making my grand return to Toronto, not just for the Toronto Comic Art Festival, but for Comics vs Games! This year, TCAF is teaming up with TIFF Nexus and the Hand Eye Society to produce an amazing mixtape featuring indie gaming and indie comics. And I’ve been asked to curate a portion of the festivities, on the behalf of Attract Mode.

I’ve signed up a bunch of my pals from the world of cartooning to create game inspired artwork for the show, to accompany a series of game jam games, which bring together game makers and cartoonists (and was inspired by Giant Robot and Attract Mode’s very own ARTXGAME project).

The show will span a week, and will include two different venues. First, between April 29-May 3, Comics vs Games will reside at the Magic Pony, which will culminate closing party on the final night. And then everything will be moved over to the Toronto Reference Library that following weekend, for TCAF proper, May 5-6.

If you can make it, please stop on by! Everything you’ll need to know about the show will be found over at AM HQ.

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