A Merry New York City Cable Access Christmas

by Matthew Hawkins

Was going to post the following last night, after Jason‘s Xmas Eve party, but got home much later than expected. BTW, got him a $50 iTunes gift card for Christmas, and he got me two $25 ones! Also, most of the evening was spent sitting around, talking about, and basically fondling our iPhone 4Ss, along with the various males from the wife’s side of the family. Steve would have been proud.

So the plan shifted to earlier this evening, before midnight, while it was still the holiday. But I ended up staying at Dave‘s family’s Xmas gathering much later than usual. But hey, it’s still December 25th on the west coast! Anyway, long story short, never got around to watching all those holiday specials as previously noted, and like I normally do. Why?

Because there’s just been way too much awesome Xmas programming on New York Cable Access! From last Friday night, a very special edition of the Wild Record Collection?

There’s also this. I love the response I got from my pal Suzanne from back in Washington: “Is that an old episode of Sifl and Ollie?” Nope, copyright 2011! Oh, and real quick, this is what I got from Dave this year?

It’s a collection of Fernand The Polar Bear comics, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Almost every gag ends with the bear having sex with someone or something! It’s nice to have friends who know what I like. Plus, while talking about the Zelda timeline controversy (as also mentioned in my last update) on the car ride to Babylon, Dave brought up how he recently tried the same with all the Rankin/Bass holiday specials!

One last thing: the final Fangamer podcast of this year will be recorded tomorrow night (or later tonight, since most will be reading this Monday morning). It’ll cover be covering all our favorite game related moments, revelations, accomplishments, and headlines from the past twelve months. As well as our choices for best games of 2011!

Which I was going to save for my final blog post of 2011, but will now be publishing sooner, before the episode is available for download. But those who want a sneak peak can tune in! It’ll be live-streamed in the evening; not sure of the exact time, but I’ll give a shout out as soon as I find out via Twitter (there’s also the Fangamer Twitter feed as well).

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