Meanwhile, In DC…

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

So the original plan was to publish the third and final part of my NY Anime fest report shortly after the last one, and before getting all wrapped up in pre-SPX madness (as well for Hilary, so she’d have enough time to pass along her two cents before the same happened on her end as well). Then right before the show, I’d post a quickie head’s about the big weekend and all the awesome stuff I’d have on-hand. But you know what they say about the best laid plans; everything was also supposed to be put together at least a week in advance, yet like most other folks SPX-bound, I found myself at a Kinko’s around 4:30 in the morning, running three copiers at once and fighting against time. So yeah, no chance to take pics of the finished zine (which looks gorgeous btw), let alone any update, nor any sleep. Though I did get in some solid shut eye on the bus, hence why I’m awake, yet still too tired to party like everyone is doing downstairs, at the hotel bar (plus I REALLY wanted to test out blogging on the go with my new iPhone).

Man, what a crazy past couple of days. For starters, the zine is done! And it’s pretty decent I guess. Had to cut a LOT out, due to time and space constraints, and my first attempt at silkscreening did not go nearly as well as I had hoped. Plus you wouldn’t believe how mortified I was to find a bunch of spelling errors in the final copy, yet it’s not that much of a shock either. I was really hoping to have it done last week, since some folks were interested in covering it, and figured the publicity going into the show would help, though in the end, I’m just happy to have it finished period (besides, everyone is over in Japan for the TGS anyway, and at least being at SPX has softened the blow over not being able to attend). But overall, a not too shabby first attempt, and like I said, rough edges and all, it still looks pretty tight. At the very least, the latest installment of UNLUCKY came out, as expected, pretty damn terrific if I don’t mind saying so.

There’s much to talk about, some of which explains why my schedule got all messed up near the end. Finally got an iPhone as I just mentioned, though setting it up was far smooth… Got my hands on the new Rodney Greenblat game, which was pretty neat… Also got some hands on-time with the new next-gen Sonic, and I will mention right now that Sega would not let me give the “werehog” a spin, sadly… Finally got my Rock Band 2 gear from MTV, though there was a mix-up and sent me WAY TOO MANY INSTRUMENTS! The apartment is a real mess of boxes and silkscreening inking all over the the floor. Plus a ton of other stuff happening in the world at large, like a new DS (finally) and new shirts from Oddica (also finally). But it’s late and I have a busy weekend ahead of me (the show hasn’t even started yet and Katie and I have already had a barrel of laughs with Pat and his pal Ed Piskor’s watch). Also, I’m tired of typing on this stupid thing, so everything will have to wait till after the show!

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