It’s a Movie About Dance Dance Revolution, But Also, Oddly Enough, Ducks

by Matthew Hawkins

Mondays are always the craziest, but man, today especially?

On the MSNBC front, there’s usually a ton of stuff from over the weekend to catch up on, same with Guysim. Meanwhile, for Heavy, I have to preview the new titles this week that I think are worth its audience time and attention.

Outside of work, there’s the Fangamer Podcast, which records every Monday night (and which just wrapped up). But things have been especially hectic, due to the upcoming pre-TCAF art show. Which again, I’m not really supposed to talk about, but man, is it ever shaping up to be AWESOME!

Unfortunately, I still need to send a bunch of emails on that end. Was hoping to do some stuff for FORT90ZINE4ANSWER, which (surprise) I’m behind on. But am just too spent. After just one or two more emails, it’s bedtime for me.

Though I am supposed to call into a cable access show in about half an hour, to give the host grief for falling for viral marketing stunt (hey, he’s asking me to do it). But real quick, the real highlight of the day has been?

My first piece of Kotaku! My review of The FP. Hopefully, I’ll be doing more movie reviews for them from this point forward. And yes, it’s sorta the same thing I used to do for GameSetWatch, but my approach is going to be slightly different. You’ll see!

BTW, my favorite comment thus far?

“And, speaking as a gamer (we all are on kotaku), Grandma’s Boy is plenty enjoyable as long as you can get over yourself for a little while. Matt Hawkins must not be able to do this.”

? lol.

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