IndieCade Comes To NYC (From The Attract Mode Archive: #042)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on February 15, 2013.

The first ever IndieCade East finally happens this weekend! For those of us who have gazed upon “the video game industry’s Sundance” from afar with longing eyes, because we can’t make it out to Culver City for whatever reason, our time is now.

The schedule looks jam packed with all manner of awesomeness. Tonight is the SPORTSFRIENDS panel, and tomorrow our very own Kris Piotrowski will present the keynote, Dark Days: A Harrowing Journey Through CAPY’s Secret Gameography.

Bedroom Developments: Making PlayStation Games in Your Underwear appears to be another excellent example. And, of course, there will be plenty of games to play as well. It all goes down at the Museum of the Moving Image; you can nab tickets here.

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